Sen. Mary Landrieu In Hot Water Again

Sen. Mary Landrieu, the embattled Louisiana Democrat, cannot seem to avoid stepping on political mines at every turn further endangering the likelihood of her re-election.

With residency questions, campaign finance scandals, and backfiring television ads, Landrieu’s latest mine is a photo that has gone viral which depicts a rather compromising event, CBS news reports.

During Saturday’s football game in which Landrieu’s alma mater, LSU, hosted Mississippi State, Landrieu was caught with the spigot in her hand serving beer into the mouth of a twenty-something college student standing on his hands.

Landrieu later commented on the event which has taken the national press by storm, “My first keg stand. [The student] wanted me to do it, but I said, ‘Absolutely not – at least not in front of the national press.'”