Hagan Numbers Shrink, Ad Questions Duty

With just over a month before the end of the race for control of the U.S. Senate, campaigns continue to tighten the noose on their opponents in hopes of securing victory them and their party.

Trends continue to show the GOP surging in nearly every competitive state. And with Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) increasingly on the ropes, Republican Thom Tillis is giving her no rest, reports FoxNews.

The Tillis campaign has recently released a hard-hitting ad that calls into question Hagan’s voting record on the Senate Armed Services committee in the midst of tumultuous times around the globe.

The ad slams Hagan, “In January, President Obama refers to the Islamic State as a JV team. Days later, the Armed Services Committee holds a hearing on new global threats. Senator Kay Hagan [was] absent.”

Tillis followed up the charges in a press conference with reporters last week,

“Much of what we’re dealing with right now is the president, Kay Hagan and (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid trying to find a solution to a problem that they largely created through their inaction and appeasement over the last five years, six years.”

In RCP’s poll average, Hagan has dropped from a 4-point lead to 3 points in just one week. And while that a small drop, it demonstrates that despite that $27 million has already been in the race, she has been unable to extend the lead beyond the margin of error.

As many analysts have predicted as well, should the turnout among Republican voters be as high as expected, Hagan could be defeated anyway.