Rand Presses New Hampshire

Whether Rand Paul is running for president in 2016 is a question few are asking these days. With trips to see major Republican donors, trips to Iowa and major national media overtures like the one posted on the debacle in Ferguson recently, Paul is assumed to be a top contender for the GOP nomination.

So it comes as no surprise that Paul would be pressing hard in the second among the first in the nation primaries, in which his father won 23% just behind Mitt Romney in 2012.

Rand detailed of his plans candidly, “I would only want to become involved if I had a real shot at winning. I think the country, the party, and in many ways all of the electorate is moving in a libertarian direction. Really there is a great possibility. But we’ll see how it looks in the spring.”

Though early polls change with the wind, the early indications are that Paul has the go-ahead to continue building his campaign apparatus. In a July NBC/Marist poll, Paul led the pack of potential GOP contender with a one-point lead over Chris Christie and others trailing considerably behind.