Will Obama’s Renewed ISIS Operation Save Dems?

After President Obama’s speech this week on his renewed commitment to destroy ISIS, many are skeptical about the motivation of the entire campaign.

Polls have consistently and increasingly shown that the president’s approval numbers have continued to drop, primarily in terms of his performance on two key issues: immigration and foreign affairs.

With support from his own solid base collapsing, immediate questions arose concerning whether Obama is merely wagging the dog ahead of the critical midterm elections in which his fellow Democrats are poised to lose control of the Senate and thereby shut down any possibility of the president’s final legacy from seeing the light of day in Congress.

If Howard Kurtz’s opinion is to be trusted, the move won’t do much good for Democrat ahead of what some are calling a ‘Republican wave’ and with polls increasingly showing a clear Republican advantage in the 10 Senate toss-up states.

Kurtz explains, “…the most likely outcome, in my view, is this: The military assault against ISIS becomes a slog. There are lots of airstrikes with no clear outcome. Developing adequate Iraqi and Syrian partners on the ground takes time; mobilizing an international coalition takes even longer.

“The story slips out of crisis mode, off the front pages and the top of the newscasts,” Kurtz continued. In the absence of any substantial development against ISIS, voters will likely turn back to key issues like immigration, health care and others, all of which are negatives for Obama and the Democrats.