Ted Cruz Signals ‘Go’ on White House Bid

Sen. Ted Cruz signaled he is moving the chess pieces into place for a White House bid in 2016 this week with some key staff re-arrangements that are viewed by analysts as typical steps taken by those who want personnel in positions to create a national campaign infrastructure.

Chip Roy, former aide to Gov. Rick Perry and currently Cruz’s Chief of Staff is being moved to his new role as ‘Senior Adviser’. While the titles may not seem much different, the key distinction is that the former role is strictly legislative while the latter is explicitly political in nature.

Cruz explained, “Chip Roy has played a vital role in the battles we’ve waged, the mountains we’ve climbed, and our remarkable successes. So, I’m very pleased that he will be applying his exceptional talents and passion toward fighting for conservative principles through our campaign arm.”

The move is similar to strategic steps also taken by Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) as they, too, are assumed to be positioning for a presidential run after the close of the November midterms.