Kansas Senate Race Increasingly In Doubt

As we reported last week, a key decision by Republican Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to keep Democrat Senate candidate Chad Taylor on the ballot despite calling it quits could make the difference in whether Republicans retain the seat currently held by long-time Republican incumbent Senator Pat Roberts.

In a new poll that pits Independent candidate Greg Orman against Roberts, Orman leads by a single point. Though well within the margin of error, the poll reflects that Roberts has given up a 10-point lead since June.

As Republicans press hard to pick off one or two incumbent Democrat to seal a victory for control over the U.S. Senate, another potential loss of an incumbent seat threatens the entire operation.

Ultimately, should Roberts keep the race competitive, that Democrat Chad Taylor is still on the ballot could peel off just enough votes from Orman to allow Roberts to squeak by and retain his seat.