Coulter: Trump Should Deport South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Coulter: Trump Should Deport South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Ann Coulter

Some people liked South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s response to President Obama’s State Of The Union…Ann Coulter wasn’t one of them.

Coulter took to Twitter afterwards calling for 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump to deport Haley if he wins the White House.

According to The Hill: 

“Conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Tuesday night criticized South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s Republican response to the State of the Union in a series of tweets.

“Trump should deport Nikki Haley,” Coulter tweeted about GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump as the governor talked about vetting immigrants.

Coulter continued, lambasting Haley for her stance on allowing immigrants into the country.”



  1. You can always tell who the crony-capitalist establishment Republicans are: They’re the ones who keep trying to force immigration down your throat, no matter how loudly you say NO!!

  2. I’m tired of Muslim apologists. I don’t care who it is, Obama, Haley or whoever. The video of our servicemen on their knees with hands on heads, and our female sailor being forced to don a stinking Muslim head covering, while Kerry apologies to their captors is disgusting. Islam and its pedophile prophet can go to hell.

    • Everyone is so politically correct. Even a priest said he has to be so careful when he preaches because of potential lawsuits.

  3. I live one block from Haley`s office, I can`t stand her. Especially when she said the Confederate Battle flag must go. She is not even from the USA. I don`t know where she is from but, she needs to go back where she is from.

  4. You took down my flag scum. You have no roots here. You can take your imigrant loving self to where your roots are from..India

    • ”YOUR FLAG”??? !!!!!!!!!!!! It’s “YOUR FLAG”…& NOT “OL’ GLORY” or the
      “STARS & STRIPES” ???.. As A Disabled Korean War Veteran, 1950-1954
      that DON’T SIT LIGHTLY with me..& I firmly believe there ARE a BIG MAJORITY of other Veterans & folks that ARE of ‘LIKE’ minds & beliefs, but, respect, via OUR 1st. Amendment, YOUR ”RIGHT” to spout off !!
      S/Sgt. John Sharp, USAF SIS.

      • Able,me being from the South, TN. I think Able was saying our southern flag.I bet he like me a Vet also loves the Red,White and Blue as much as you do and me also USAF.Our people died for that flag also and Obama and the Demc. had no right to do what they have done too our people in The South, hope you understand whit I mean. Also I think you for your Service to our Country.

      • It is my flag as my direct ancestor was confederate and his flag is mine. Si odd to hear you talk about amendments. When nikki took the battle flag down she showed what she and anyone else thinks of the constitution. By the way my father was also a vet from ww2 having received a purple heart for being shot. Something you surely don’t know ALL confederate soldiers are legally by law recognized as veterans of the United States with all honor and respect as any veteran in ANY war we’ve had. So when she and her other anti American buddies wanted to dig up General Forester AND his wife I take that very personally. As far as your service maybe in 150 years the korean war will be looked down on and anything pertaining to you today will be a disgrace. If you noticed lately the American flag is already being stomped on and burned. Just a matter of time before it gets taken down like the battle flag. Since that won’t sit lightly with you neither you will see the treatment of the battle flag, monuments, graves and everything confederate being desecrated doesn’t sit lightly with me and anyone else who has ancestors traced throughout time

    • Denise, looking at your picture I think they would think twice before messing with your Flag.Haley is in love with herself and that will be her downfall. most of these Rep. are no better than the Demc.Can,t wait until Trump starts kickingass.Also, she fooled me.

  5. At first, I was on board with her, then when she starts blastingTrump (in reference), totally turned me off. She will go nowhere!

    • During that whole Confederate Flag travesty I was shocked to learn she’s a Republican. She folded way too easily. I respect no PC kissup.

  6. Some pundits thought the SC governor might be the running mate of whomever the GOP nominee might be…..This is the year of pundicitis…..Meaning that they have been woefully sick on all of their predictions….Many of them predicted Trump would no longer be a factor beyond October….Here it is in the middle of January and Trump is the leader by far….So much for the Karl Rove (The same Rove that wouldn’t concede Ohio to Obama in 2012), Bill Kristol, Steve Hayes, Fred Barnes, Phil Bennett, George Will and a host of others…..Voters are tired of my generation and even tireder with the Baby Boomers….

    • Donald, the people better start respecting “Trump”because he is going to be our next leader,He draws more people than all of the other people combined and some say he will not make it. Something don,t add up here, the last time I checked 2 plus 2 was 4.Trump will be a great President and he will have some of the smartest people that love our Country around him and that will be a plus, and if all this works out the Demc. party will be a thing of the past and maybe the Rep. party also.

  7. You need to let some of the Muslim men move into your home Haley since you are so hot to trot with them, hypocrite……..

  8. I feel sure South Carolina Republicans and Democrats are ashamed of her remarks and won’t support her again. Can you believe anyone would run down the front runner of the Rrpublican Psrty. She wants to let these terrorists come in and take over our country. I really thought she was smarter than that.

  9. find/search/google Chuck Yeager’s essay on Trump. It is the best. You will see why Trump needs to be the RNC Nominee. His salient character is what is needed to flush the DNC and lead the free world. As for Haley? who’s paying her to say this prattle?

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