New Debate Lineup JUST Announced: Rand Paul And Christie Make The Cut...

New Debate Lineup JUST Announced: Rand Paul And Christie Make The Cut (But Who Didn’t?)

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Rand Paul and Chris Christie will be on the main stage at the CNN Republican Presidential debate in Las Vegas Tuesday night while former Governor Mike Huckabee will be relegated to the “happy hour” debate.

According to CNN:

“Nine candidates will appear in prime-time Tuesday night for the final Republican presidential primary debate of 2015, a critical event that will help shape the contest heading into the Iowa caucuses.

Businessman Donald Trump, the front-runner for the nomination, will again be center stage flanked by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson on his right and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on his left, CNN announced Sunday. The six remaining participants in the prime-time contest will be Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Four candidate — former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and former New York Gov. George Pataki — will appear in the first debate on Tuesday evening.

It will be a return for Christie to the prime-time stage after failing to qualify for the Fox Business prime-time debate last month. Christie has seen a resurgence in recent weeks, particularly in New Hampshire, a key state for his campaign.

Paul, who was in danger of being removed from the main stage, was saved at the 11th hour by showing viability in Iowa in a Fox News poll released Sunday morning.

“In the light of new polling released this morning and in the spirit of being as inclusive as possible, CNN has decided to include Sen. Rand Paul in the prime-time debate,” a CNN spokeswoman said.”



  1. Christie, Fiorina, Kasich, and Paul will soon be gone. Jeb will also. That will leave Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Carson. You can bet your my or your bottom dollar that the Republican Nominee will be of these 4 men. Unless of course there is indeed a brokered Convention. Of these four….RUBIO is the Establishment Republican Party Candidate and remember you hear it here first. I kid you not.

  2. The only reason that Carly is on the stage is because she is a woman. Her numbers are anywhere between 1-3%. Jeb has no business being there either.

    • The gal actually does a pretty fair job of holding her own. She seems a bit tilted towards the feminism bit, but that could be my mistake. I like her perspective on getting competent people involved instead of gubmint slugs to do things that pubic servants will only turn into yet another money pit. I don’t put a whole lotta stock in “poll” numbers by the way, due to the fact that pole dancers like the White House fraud use the contrived algorithms as a vocational mainstay. Without fuzzy math, Bury would have forever remained an obscured imbecile.

  3. ALL the candidates SHOULD have been on the same stage all along! If they had the crowd would have thinned considerably by now! The split debates look like the media ONCE AGAIN with the elites are doing the choosing!! Trump Cruz Rubio aere the rise candidates the rest are making cash while wasting time!!! They will be gone soon. By New Hampshire the field will fade! The ONLY poll that counts IS election daY!!

  4. I think they should split the 2 stages into equal numbers. Why do they have 9 on one stage and 4 on the other? Doesn’t make sense. The main characters don’t get the air time that the losers do.

  5. Trump all the way, Rubio and Cruz are just gop boys , Trump is stirring things up and the republican old guard want republican candidates who they control and follow the line .

  6. cut it down to the top five so they can discuss what changes they would impliment if voted in. too many voices not enough said.

  7. Kasich, Bush, Fiorino, Christie, et al should go. They don’t stand a chance, Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Carson are the only worthy candidates on the GOP slate.

  8. There’s only 4 that have a shot. Trump, Carson, Cruz & Rubio. The rest are taking up time & space. I’m voting Carson all the way! He actually took the bull by the horns and went to Jordan to see the Syrian refugee crisis for himself and he has been right on the whole time. Rubio voted to extend visas to Muslim countries & Trump has flip flopped on it, not to mention he is a Clinton plant! Cruz talks big but he is controlled by billionaires. He wants to triple H1b visa issuances to foreign workers. No thanks. Carson is the only one who beats Hillary head to head consistently. The media doesn;t like to talk about it though. Trump & Cruz are their favorite Republicans because Hillary beats them in almost every head to head poll.

  9. Kasich, Fiorina, Bush and Christie have no business being on the main stage (I love Rand Paul, that is the only reason I cannot add his name to the list).

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