Is There A Secret Conspiracy To Stop Trump And Nominate Mitt Romney In Cleveland?

As the establishment desperately figures out how to deal with frontrunner Donald Trump, reports say forces loyal to former Gov. Mitt Romney may be plotting to help the former Presidential hopeful leave Cleveland with the Republican nomination…

According to BuzzFeed:

“With Donald Trump’s ruinous domination of the Republican primary polls showing no signs of abating, top leaders in the GOP are reportedly now preparing for the possibility of a contentious brokered convention next year in Cleveland.

If that happens, a small group of wealthy donors and die-hard loyalists close to Mitt Romney will be ready with a strategy to win him the nomination from the convention floor.

Romney thought seriously about entering the 2016 race earlier this year, and ultimately decided against it. But as I report in my new book, The Wilderness, when the former Republican nominee informed friends, family, and a few close allies late in January that he was going to announce his decision to bow out, some urged him to reconsider…”