Sen. Rand Paul Jumps Cruz+Rubio In New Reuters Poll

Sen. Rand Paul Jumps Cruz+Rubio In New Reuters Poll

LA Times
Judging by the latest polling numbers from Reuters, rumors of the death of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s 2016 GOP Presidential campaign have been greatly exaggerated. According to the Reuters poll, Paul has jumped ahead of Senate colleagues Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas. Paul garners 5.6 % while Rubio is at 5.3% and Cruz at 5.1%Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina continue to lead the field.

While the first nominating contests are still four months away, the poll is an immensely positive sign for Paul after a recent slump. His performance at the Reagan Library debate where he schooled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on the 10th Amendment and state’s rights could definitely be a factor in Paul’s bounce.

The Paul campaign is pleased with the poll, saying it matches private polling they’ve conducted and shows the campaign’s strategies are paying off.

“The Reuters poll tracks with our internal metrics that show Senator Paul moving up in the polls,” said Chip  Englander in a statement to Conservative Intelligence Briefing. “His speech on the Senate floor yesterday on why Republicans should stand strong against continued wasteful spending has generated a huge reaction. Senator Paul is generating huge crowds everywhere he goes as he talks about his plan to eliminate $500 billion in one year, pass a flat tax, and term limits to get rid of the career politicians. This Reuters poll is just the latest in several metrics of the Senator’s strengths, like a couple weeks ago winning the largest republican straw poll in America.”

Of note: Reuters was named the most accurate polling outfit in a recent academic study.

>>>Here are the full Reuters numbers:
Businessman Donald Trump


Surgeon and author Ben Carson


Former Sen. candidate and business executive Carly Fiorina


Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush


Ken. Sen. Rand Paul


Fla. Sen. Marco Rubio


Former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee


Tex. Sen. Ted Cruz


NJ Gov. Chris Christie


La. Gov. Bobby Jindal


Ohio Gov. John Kasich


Former Penn. Sen. Rick Santorum


Former NY Gov. George Pataki




    • Haha! What the hell is wrong with these people? They can’t have forgotten how all the “leaders” spiked and quickly dropped down last time, so they must be worried.

      Nobody is crying that chumps like Santorum should drop out. What was his old nickname they were calling him last cycle? lol

        • I’m all for Rick Santorum. like it or not. He’s they only one that will enforce our laws and will NOT give into AMNESTY.
          When Rand Pul can vote for abamas picks for office and says. I Don’t Know it he Would do a Good job but I Voted for Him ANY WAY.
          This is why they country is in a LOT of DANGER. Confirming people that have no business being in office. When I heard him say that, I knew I would never Vote for him.
          Another is Rubio, Go to the search and check him out. Trump is right when he says Rubio has the worst record in congress. He can’t show up for his job and be present to vote on issues that are important to this country. Especially Homeland Security but he can show up to vote with his DemoRat friends when the Lobbyist are handing out millions of $$$.
          And he doesn’t hesitate to collect a pay check for work Not done. He’s making enough money he doesn’t need that job. But his Greed for Wealth and power is getting in way of his job and he needs to resign and step out of the race for the WH.
          You need to look beyond a few word and see what his record is and see who and what he voted for.
          Sorry, but Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Rubio, Carly are no good for this country. We have the worst bunch of Rats running for the WH.
          Trump is the only one that had the nerve to come out and tell the truth about what is happening in this country. He’s been a voice for the American people. Wake up, Like him or not we desperately need him in the Run for the WH, without Trump Everything will get Swept un the Rug again. I’m Tired of the lies and Con games the politicians have been playing. Ben Carson is very weak and I don’t thing he can handle the job, the minute he doesn’t give in to Al Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP and Farahkan they will attack him, call him names try to destroy in in any way they can. Look at what the clinton have Anita Hill do to Clarence Thomas, Hill made millions of $$$ trading Thomas and got a million dollar book deal. she was front and center at all their fund raisers after that. And now the have the black panthers other groups that will come after him. We can’t afford to be in a fight within the country, we have enough going on right now with foreign countries. We still don’t know what obama has in store for us. between the clintons and obama the have us boxed into a corner. we have missile pointing at us from all directions. and things are not getting any better. the clintons, obama and the DemoRAts have been trying to Lease or sell land to China, so far they haven’t gotten away with it, China and Russia would love to build a military base right in on our soil. Sound crazy. Clinton got caught trying to lease the Naval base in Ca. to China. Congress was alerted and stopped. Reid and Son want to Sell the Nevada land that belong to the Ranchers to China. remember that, it was’t that long ago. thank God the Americans got together and came out in defense of the Rancher. all other ranchers were already push out. the last one stay and fought other wise China would have been here in the US. I sure that meeting with obama they are trying again. Who will get GITMO and what will it be. obama from DAY 1 had full intentions releasing the Terrorist back to the battle field to help kill our troops. what ever his up to he’s trying to get it done before the election, If We Have One?
          Iran is the only one left that clinton didn’t finish giving away nuclear technology to but obama and kerry got it done.
          kerry another one that should have never been confirmed. kerry should have been tried for Treason for his role in the Vietnam War. now were paying the price for not getting rid of Hanoi kerry. he should have been Hung, Hung, Hung until dead, now America is facing Irans Firing Squad of Missiles, soon to be Nuclear Missiles. clinton have china and Russia and N.Korea all the tech, info. it’s just a matter of time.
          obama stopped the missile defense in the Region so the Want A Be Hitler, Putin would go after or threaten those countries. Putin,hitlary and obama are responsible for over 6,000 Ukrainian people dead, now Putin is bombing Syria, he said he was going after isis, we all knew that was a lie. he is Killing innocent Syrian people people, clinton did the same thing when she decided not to go into Irag.
          right now, did obama and kerry put our troops in danger, Putin is bombing in the wrong city and he knows it. Putin is helping IsIs and it may cost the lives of our troops. and nobody will dare to take him out of office. We need a President for the People by the People, and look at what they give us. Please we have to get this election right if not
          we will not have an country, many of us will be dead.

          • I’ve heard about completely insane nutjobs like you but wasn’t sure they actually existed. Now I know they do. Iran going to rain down nukes on the US? Do some research moron. Sorry, I know you won’t. You wouldn’t want your idiotic beliefs disturbed with facts. No surprise you support the absolute worst GOP contender – the thoroughly freedom hating warmongering Santorum. Even his nephew came out publicly condemning him for the psycho he is. Fortunately he only has two supporters in the polls – his wife and you.

          • You should win an award for “Most Poorly Informed, Constructed and Nonsensicial Comment in the History of the Internet”.

      • We need Santorum in the Debats and I hope he gets the WH.
        My vote is for Trump and Santorum or Cruz, the only 3 in that race that worth our time,

    • That is why we need to stop giving the chances to the status quo and back to the freedom of the people. Half the people running do not even know 5 amendments which are the law of this land in the constitution. Its apart of the game, split up the people and more power behold. More Obama, Trump, Clinton, Romney, Bush. It is just another side on the same card.

    • You wake up, Rand is one of the best chances we have at winning the General Election. Paul can get a standing ovation from the left at Berkeley College and shows he has appeal across the aisle. I have yet to see another candidate that can do that.
      The key point is, to win the General, you need that appeal across the aisle. Without all of your base, appeal to independents and across the aisle you lose as Romney and McCain have shown us back to back. Your Neocon militant moderate RINOs lose and they lose repeatedly.

      • Keep supporting Trump and you’ll get a progressive tyrant either way… Hillary or Bernie… because Trump cannot beat them.

  1. Most of the polls they take are done with landlines, not a diverse crowd now?

    You can take each poll for what they are worth. These recent ones do not just poll old people and have Paul near the top while using methods of today’s technology… the internet and polls in person.

    Paul and Cruz unfortunately for our great country are the only presidential candidates who know what the constitution and follow the law. I find it quite suspicious that they are being pushed with low poll picks, especially how they ignored and cheated Ron Paul.

    Paul 1st place – Straw poll, primary voters

    Paul 2nd – Columbia University

    Paul 2nd place – online

    “None of the above” in 2nd place – FOX ignores Paul

    Young adults, and the military alike always go for liberty, prosperity and freedom as we did for his father.

    For me I need to hear more from Cruz, Paul and especially the very silent
    Carson whom we know very little about. We have these tyrants running to
    lead our country. The socialist, communist, fascist minded Clinton, Sanders, Trump & Fiorina could care less about the Constitution or anyone’s freedom. They all care
    about themselves, Sanders just needs to be educated.

    • Isn’t it a convenient development for the media who figured this out and are using polls now to justify who gets into the debates? It’s not possible that they aren’t completely aware of this. Either they don’t care because it only hurts candidates they don’t like, or it’s intentional.

  2. Issues like taxes, immigration, whatever are important. But they aren’t the problem. The problem is career politicians and their out of control spending. Term limits and a balanced budget amendment are needed! I’m happy he’s starting to stress term limits. Personally I think if in the next debate he turns a question on an issue into pointing out that ‘theses issues’ aren’t the problem, that the problem is career politicians and their out of control spending…I believe THAT would get the electorates attention.

  3. It would be a terrible loss for our Republic to not have Rand in the debates as he interjects, when he is given time, extremely valuable insights to very important issues.

    Thankfully, Rand isn’t going anywhere. The last quarter push netting him $500,000 in just a few day, $100,000 was added in 24 hrs. on Constitution Day.
    Additionally, he was more endorsements, Student for Rand groups popping up, and a growing campaign presence in key places.

  4. Paul is up in the polls, Trump is slowly dropping as is Carly after her war at all costs comments, and Rubio hasn’t a chance in the South after his gun control message after Sandy Hook.

  5. There’s a reason Trump immediately attacked Paul in the 2nd debate. You don’t go after the guy that is already losing….

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