Breaking: South Carolina Cop Murdered At Mall

Officer Greg Alia with his wife and young son

A South Carolina police officer has been gunned down after a horrendous incident at a South Carolina mall.

Forest Acres Police Officer Greg Alia was shot while responding to a call regarding a suspicous person at the Richland Mall.  Twenty five year old Jarvis Hall has been arrested for Alia’s murder.

According to

“A Forest Acres police officer was shot and killed outside of the Richland Mall in Forest Acres while responding to a call of a suspicious person, Forest Acres police officials said.

Police Chief Gene Sealy said 32-year-old Greg Alia was shot and killed while responding to a suspicious person call at the Richland Mall in Forest Acres.

“Our hearts are broken,” Sealy said. “Forest Acres is a small community, a small police department and one big family.”

Sealy said Jarvis Hall, 25, has been taken into custody following the shooting.

Alia and an officer he was training responded to the Richland Mall just before 8 a.m. in reference to a suspicious person call, Sealy said. When the officers arrived at the mall, Sealy said, they found Hall sitting inside of a tan van.”