Rand Paul Scores Points With Young Voters and Libertarians After Schooling Christie On 10th Amendment

LA Times

Many narratives from tonight’s debate will play out in the media cycle over the coming days, but one thing is clear: Rand Paul scored some needed points with his base for making an important point over state rights during his exchange with Chris Christie over marijuana policy.

Paul was responding to Christie’s claim that if the New Jersey Governor was elected President he would arrest pot users in Colorado and Washington for violating federal law.

Paul argued that too often, Republicans talk about the 10th amendment but abandon it when marijuana comes up. He said Chrsitie would arrest a young Mom trying to administer medical marijuana to a child suffering from seizures.

While Christie accused Paul of a false example, the Kentucky Senator pointed out that no provision in federal law allows medical marijuana.

Paul has found himself in the middle of the pack the last few weeks and struggling to rise above the Trump wave. Tonight’s exchange with Christie will reignite Paul’s support with young voters and the more libertarian leaning members of the electorate.

Politico reported earlier that Paul would go “back to basics” during tonight’s debate, and it looks like they were right. After all, what is a more basic principle in the Republican Party than the concept of state rights per the 10th Amendment?