What Just Happened At The Happy Hour Debate? Top 9 Moments You Should Know

Some called it the “Kids Table” debate, but i prefer the “Happy Hour” debate moniker. Regardless, the event had some interesting moments. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was joined by former New York Gov. George Pataki, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Carly Fiorina and Rick Perry were also on stage at the “Happy Hour” debate last time around, but Fiorina dominated and now finds herself on the mainstage. The candidates are hoping to join her. Perry on the other hand is the first candidate to drop out, with the former Texas Governor suspending his campaign last week.

Here are the top 9¬†moments of the night’s first battle. Don’t think it matters? Firoina proved it can make a difference-and a large audience of 6 million people watched. Not bad for a “kid’s table.”

  1. Bobby Jindal opens up with a scathing attack on Donald Trump. He calls the real estate mogul a narcissist who only believes in himself, doesn’t care about policy, and that he isn’t serious. Jindal said he isn’t a Republican or Democrat-he doesn’t believe in anything but himself. Jindal also said if he were up 30% and a conservative he would¬†drop out and endorse him.

2. Pataki guarantees Trump wont win, and when pressed by Hugh Hewitt, said Trump claimed he would “make Atlantic City great again” but it was a disaster and 5000 people lost jobs-Trump will turn America into Atlantic City, Pataki says.

3. Jindal says don’t just defund “sanctuary cities,” jail mayors and council members in them…

4. Lindsey Graham almost calls Canada “Canadia” but catches himself, then blasts “rich Asians” while talking about immigration. The South Carolina Senator then spars with Santorum and says “Hispanics are Americans” in response to Santorum.

5. George Pataki says if KY Clerk Kim Davis were Muslim, there would be no controversy and if one wants to go where religion supersedes law, go to Iran.

6. Graham was called out for calling Hillary a “national treasure” then says she did well on African issues…

7. Graham says he doesn’t need Dems to lecture him on Social Security, citing the death of his parents in his early 20’s and the fact Graham and his sister survived on Social Security after being wiped out financially.

8. Santorum supports minimum wage increase, and wont be lectured from a party “who supported bailouts” and deals for “special interests.” Santorum blasted an #IBuiltThat event in 2012 that featured all business owners and no workers. “How are we gonna win if 90% of Americans don’t think we care?!”

9. Jindal says we should get rid of the GOP and start a new party if we cant defund Planned Parenthood-he also said in his closing he is more upset with Congressional Republicans than he is President Obama…