Ready for First Lady Trump?

Ready for First Lady Trump?

Martha Washington. Abigail Adams. Dolley Madison. Eleanor Roosevelt. Jackie Kennedy. Ladybird Johnson. Nancy Reagan. Laura Bush. A few of the great women who have lived in the White House as the wives of former presidents remind us that to some extent when we elect a president, we’re getting a package deal.

First ladies are responsible for much of the image of the White House as the home of the first family. They have supported presidents great and poor. They have certainly been important unofficial advisors.

Often first ladies take up some cause of their own for which they have a passion. Dolley Madison worked to assist orphans and women. Nancy founded the Just Say No campaign to combat drugs. Laura Bush worked to increase childhood literacy.

Who the first spouse is has its own importance outside of simply who holds the office of the president that he or she happens to be married to. Conservatives certainly agree that America deserves better than to see Bill Clinton as the first ever first man. Instead let’s take a look at the current Republican frontrunner’s wife – the woman who would become first lady should Donald Trump be elected.

Melania Knauss-Trump is a naturalized citizen originally born in Slovania. She has a degree in design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana. She moved to New York at 26, where she met Trump. They married in 2005 and she became a citizen of the United States the following year.

Melania began working as a model at age 16. Working in Milan and Paris and before ultimately moving to New York, she became successful in her modeling career, eventually appearing on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, Ocean Drive (below), Allure, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Elle and others, including the 2000 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Melania Knauss Ocean Drive

First ladies can be the source of controversy. Michelle Obama, for example, said upon the election of her husband, “For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my country.” Even today, Americans are concerned with how a first lady represents her country. Will Melania Knauss-Trump’s collection of risqué covers prove distasteful to voters?

2016 has the potential for a lot of firsts. With two women in the race, we could see not only the first female president, but also the first ever first man. With Trump in the race, we could also have the first ever first lady to have appeared partially nude for the cover of GQ.



  1. Finally someone who does not look like a witch! I am voting for the PRESIDENT….not his wife…. unlike the DEMS!!!!

    • You are right, I agree with you Michael, we are voting for Donald Trump, highly qualified for the job.His wife is a model, GORGEOUS,very refreshing to look at.

    • The one percent wannabes speak from their cliff where air is thin and their scheme is to steel it in a smokescreen designed by a fool with more money than sence in every department. Tho you saved to disc (at the office) all the mags his wife is naked in so your wife don’t find out but she’s screwing the pool hall boy after all..someplace you’ll never look.

    • She is very attractive. It costs most guys hundreds of dollars to spend time with a woman of that quality.

  2. Note to GOP – anyone who supports AMNESTY is NOT a conservative – we do not TRUST the GOP anymore!! Build the wall, GO TRUMP!

  3. After the first lady we’ve had to deal with for the past almost 2 ridicules terms …Melania will be a most welcoming change. GO TRUMP!!!!!

  4. If she has the same values about our Great Country as does her husband Donald Trump,if she is an AMERICAN PATRIOT as is Mr Trump, then I don’t give a damn if she runs around naked,showing off what GOD gave her or stands silently and indistinguishable from her surroundings,as long as she is for and about AMERICA and Her Patriot Citizens.I didn’t know that looks and the amount of skin shown or not shown was a qualifier for First Lady.My belief is that Donald Trump is what we need for the betterment of America. You have my vote and my family members also.Thank you for running for the office of Leader of the Greatest Nation on this rock we call Earth.GOD BLESS!

    • hey think trump would let her pose nude and let her pic go viral so the muslums see it and they kill them selfs? that be great. lol

    • Whatever. If Michelle was a tit model, Obama wouldn’t have ever had the chance to earn your hate as president. Double standard big time.

      • Dumbass,as Americans and Patriots we are not voting for tits,vaginas nor asses(unless you put Hillary and Bernie in that grouping along with your apparent idols,the Odramas).what should be at the forefront of your mind as well as everyone else’s is the condition of our country and who best to lead it.I haven’t been following Mrs.Trump and her policies,however I have been following Mr Trump as well as the other candidates.And as far as I have discerned Mr Trump is hands down the best of what we have to choose from as our next President.Now moving on to your stupid statement about my hate for the POS that is pretending to be an American Patriot and is acting as if he is OUR leader,I don’t hate him at all,yet.However I do dislike him and his policies and his disdain for OUR America and her citizens and vets,IMMENSELY! And that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the amount of tit or anything else that tranny in the WH has.So double standard is not an issue here,Numbnuts!American Patriotism and Leadership is my main concern.Apparently my values for my Country and its Leaders are not as shallow as yours.Have a great day Wingnut.

      • Melania Trump has an IQ of 132, she speaks five languages. You cannot even speak one eloquently. Please stand down moron.

  5. What a ridiculous question…This woman is proof that if you work hard, you are successful! She would have never had an opportunity to meet Donald Trump if she was a bimbo… And, I bet we’ll never see her looking like a frumpy dumpy thing trying to make everyone think she shops at Go Navy… She will be a First Lady with class, much like Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Laura Bush.. Personally, as a woman, I sure would like to be able to worry about someone seeing photos like those of me!!!! What is wrong with a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body? How about the media worry about the real issues that are destroying America? I’m for MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, Go Donald!

    • Classy , wife number seven? I think she has more class than her “old money” husband ever did. He helped create the ever expanding realestate bubble that was doomed to fail at first conception. And latched on to screw everyone except himself and succeeded.

      • Seven wives? Where did you get that number? He has been married 3 times and who cares about that? And, just in case you didn’t know, the real estate bubble was residential, Trump doesn’t build single family homes. The real estate bubble was created by government regulating the banking institutions to give people non qualifying loans that they couldn’t possibly pay back! The Commercial market there is no way that you can finance a deal unless it’s hard money with less than 25-30% down. The majority of the home owners can’t come up with that.

      • Suggestive propaganda BS? The truth is, Melania Trump is an ex-nude, leg spreading, Playboy model who barely speaks English and Mrs. Obama in an Ivy league power attorney who graduated cum laude from Princeton and earned a degree from Harvard Law. The truth hurts, I know. But you know…go Trump…whatever you twit.

        • For all their high education, look what the Obama’s did to this country. I will take the model over them any day.

          • “Lucy, you have some ‘splaining to do.” Facts and only the facts, sir. List your supporting facts and examples below.

            Here are mine.

            2 terms later and

            -there are no “death panels”
            -you don’t live in a FEMA camp
            -you don’t live under Sharia law
            -your kids haven’t been converted to Islam
            -you still have your guns
            -unemployment is down almost 6%
            -the recession is over
            -Osama Bin Laden is dead
            -Ghadafi is dead (no US casualties)
            -everybody in your house can have insurance
            -revived Chrysler and GM
            -3 million new private sector jobs

            I could easily go on, but I have to work for a living.

        • Surely to god if we can look the other way and let every illegal immigrant into our country, not call ISIS what they are, let the BLM movement take over our country and kill police officers nationwide, pass out welfare like candy on Halloween, etc etc, then surely we can overlook the fact that Melania Trump has posed nude a time or two, correct??? You clearly have a major issue with that. Good god.

    • She would never have had the opportunity to meet Donald Trum if she was a bimbo? Does your lower intestine empty directly into your skull or areyou just not aware that rich, powerful men famously seek out bimbos? They single handily keep the high-class escort industry on its feet. Who else do you think pays for women that go for $3000 dollars a night, the blue collar workers, or the millionaires and billionares? Surprise! Its the millionaires and billionaires. Melania Trump is an ex-nude, leg spreading, Playboy model who barely speaks English and Mrs. Obama in an Ivy league power attourney who graduated cum laude from Princeton and earned a degree from Harvard Law. This country is in so much trouble with people like you stumbling into the voting booth. SCARY STUFF this.

      • HOW do you know the cost of ladies of the night.Been doing a little physical research and found that you just can’t afford them?And therefore have to settle for the street hustlers?You sound a bit disappointed and whole lot jealous.That is what people like you do when you can’t run in a circle you aspire to be in,make fun of and put down the objects of your desire and fantasies.And just for your info the transgender in the wh is disbarred and can’t practice anymore.How is that for graduating cum loudly and having a Harvard law degree?And talk about people stumbling into the voting booth and voting for Trump being scary,what is even more scarier is idiots like yourself skipping into voting booths with your eyes wide open and voting for Odummer,not once but TWICE,now that is truly scary.And to blindly ignore the damage that those pansies have done to our country and yet continue to support them is frightening.

        • You really should stop popping off without fact-checking your comments.

 settled this 4 years ago.

          Q: Did Barack and Michelle Obama “surrender” their law licenses to avoid ethics charges?
          A: No. A court official confirms that no public disciplinary proceeding has ever been brought against either of them, contrary to a false Internet rumor. By voluntarily inactivating their licenses, they avoid a requirement to take continuing education classes and pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Both could practice law again if they chose to do so.

      • You need to come up with some new lines. You use the same, ignorant, ridiculous rants repeatedly. Predictability is overrated.

    • I wonder what Jackie Kennedy or Laura Bush would think of you comparing them to the Russian sexbot 3.0

    • Any Neanderthal can compare the looks of two women so let’s talk about what really matters. Melania Trump is an ex-nude, leg spreading, Playboy model who barely speaks English and Mrs. Obama in an Ivy League power attorney who graduated cum laude from Princeton and earned a degree from Harvard Law. Yet, you want to believe Melania Trump is “a refreshing Change,” if you think with your nutsack and have a IQ below 75. Congratulations you dolt. Does your lower intestine empty directly into your skull or what? This country is in so much trouble with people like you stumbling into the voting booth. SCARY STUFF this.

      • And you are jealous,traitor loving,America hating Dem-tard. And since Moo-shell is so great and holds such high honors,why is she disbarred from practicing law? Can’t wait to hear your simpering and pandering to that.And the really scary stuff that you are speaking so eloquently about must have been practiced by you looking in the mirror at yourself and and you simply got confused and misplaced the direction your speech was supposed to take. It has to be yourself that you are talking to.You and your kind is at fault for voting that tyrant into office. One time I could possibly excuse,but to be that STUPID twice.You are certainly a special kind of STUPID.

        • Whatever. The only thing you know about me is that I have an internet connection. Am I a “special kind of STUPID?” I’m going to take 1 guess what part of the country you are from, and I’m sorry to say we’re probably from the same region.

          I didn’t vote for Obama and I’m not a Democrat you open-carry loving, air-fouling, xenophobic wind bag. I’m not a Liberal, or a Libertarian either. I see your wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead. Try again.

        • Why yes. I am slut shaming Mrs. Trump because slutty is what slutty does. If the fur rug and stilettos fit… BTW, that’s some magical thinking you have there if you think that somehow, I must be a Liberal because I’m not a fan of Trump and his boobie model wife. You’d in fact be wrong, but its magical all the same.

          Furthermore, there are plenty of reasons to dislike this couple in the White house that have nothing to do with the fact that she likes to pose half nude in her spare time. What an international joke they already are btw. Even so, that offense is a minor issue when compared to the fact that since her family’s safety is still under Russian control, Putin would have has his finger in the White House cookie jar with her next to Trump if he wins. Maybe she should bring her babushka to America.

          I swear. People don’t think past the nose on their faces these days. Sad.

      • Hey did it ever cross your feeble mind that the very reason this country is in the state that it is in right now has close ties to your political affiliation? Of course it didn’t. Move on moron.

  6. We’ve had a giant, hater of white people and America, trashy, lobster eating buffoon as First Lady since the 2008 election; a hot chick would be a great improvement.

  7. i see nothing wrong with trumps wife and how she chose’s to dress to please her man is their business. she went to school for architecture. that is what she will be concerned about when trump becomes president. she will be the one that helps the world learn how to grow things and feed their country men and woman… i am praying trump wins we could use his wifes knowledge in this field. and we have all done something to make a living. at least she is not screwing every top dick and harry.

    • Bet she could design a beautiful huge wall. Lets give her the job now so the design will be in place on his first day in office. All in for Trump.

    • You need to pray that Putin doesn’t threaten the safety of her family back in the old country in exchange for White House secrets.

  8. The Donald has a stunningly beautiful wife, and he has stayed on good terms with both of his exes and takes very good care of all 5 of his kids . . . what’s not to like?

  9. I agree with first twelve comments here. Why would anyone care what she looks like? She just happens to be beautiful and shows it. As would I had I ever had her looks. So we care about Donald Trump and his views and actions and that he will back up what he is saying now. I am excited that he has stirred the pot so much that now our government has to wake up.Been snoring too long. If he can do it, we can help make it happen if we get rid of illegals and require states with no voter registration required to change their laws. Keep it up Mr.Trump…you know how and are not afraid of anyone.Your wife is lovely. If you haven’t already, join an activist web site and start fighting illegal immigration and anchor babies. Our country is in so much trouble.

    • You can go to the plastic surgeon just like she did!! It is a whole lot of racist ignorance up here hiding behind fake pictures and names like the racist cowards that you are!!! GTFOH with that BS slut whore and dumbo Trump!!! You people won’t even be able to afford your trailers if Trump were elected be careful what you ask for idiots, you don’t make enough for his circle!!! Racist voting against your own interest dumb a$$es

  10. Looks Good to me! This guy has great taste, good sense, and a take no prisoners attitude….he will serve our country well….TRUMP 2016

  11. Melania is beautiful and will bring a Jackie Kennedy style to the White House! And as classy as the rest of his family is it will be great getting to know them all!! I have thought that all of the President’s families, especially their children were great! Watching them grow up there is very special… but people will have to admit that Jackie did something for the White House that no one had ever done with her class! I look forward to it!

  12. they will try anything to discredit Trump, but nothing wrong with the USA having a first lady that looks like a lady, not what we have now. I will take Melania over Obama, and what about Bill Clinton , first man. got first WH BJ. Trump and his lady 2016

  13. She was a model, so what? She is poised, intelligent and beautiful. I think she would be an asset as First Lady.

  14. Personally I think it is about time that we had a First Lady that is hot as all get out.

    However I wonder how the first wife feels knowing that she came so close, yet missed the mark?

  15. All of the sudden, conservatives want an ass model for First Lady. LOL! I’m sure she’s nice (and knew how to pick a good husband (paycheck) when she saw one) but if her accent were “Mexican” instead of Eastern block, folks would be in uproar. Trump supporters are some funny people. You know good and well you don’t know what that heifer is saying when she speaks. But she looks good, right? I’ll bet the same voters bash Kim Kardashian but I don’t see the difference except Kim K is a multi-milllionare and Mrs. Eastern Block is probably trapped by a mighty pre-nup.

  16. GTFOH with that ignorance!!! No, never!!!! Nudity is not what a First Lady should be doing!!! Oh right, just because it’s a white woman does not make it ok!!! Yes, let’s call it what it is BS, hypocrisy!!!! Nude First Ladies are not okay and never have been!!! Please, she wishes she were as beautiful as First Lady Michelle Obama!!‪! Playboy is NOT modeling, catch a clue it’s selling sex!!!! She cannot even speak English coherently!!! BS #‎LoudBlatantRacistDoubleStandard‬ GTFOH with this foolish mess!!! You racist really do like to bend every rule Smdh dumb as a box of rocks mentality!!! Trump and his trashy wife equal Dumb & dumber !!! Dumb as a box of rocks!!!

    • And so speaks a blind lobotomized sheeple. You are kidding right? There is no way anyone could possibly think that Michelle American hater Obama is beautiful. Unless of course you are the same she/he gender as it.And you damn sure must be a member of BLM

      • GTFOH With your BS.. Surely you jest? A nude porn star , showing her ass is never First Lady material not now not ever! Stop thinking with your DH and utilize your mind! DA.. Ignorant tyrant! You damn sure must be a member of the racist stuck up Trumps ass crew who won’t even be able to afford your trailer if he were elected jackass, don’t come for me if I don’t send for you Dumbass, I’m all male believe that and I don’t need to prove it to you, the fact that I can recognize a real Lady like the beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama, and not the trash speaks for itself, don’t no real men want a lady who will show her ass to ANY man FO..#IntelligenceMatters

        • Again,I say that you are a hopelessly brainwashed and brain dead,blind BLM member.But you can think what ever you want and go on with your silly little rant about how beautiful and wonderful that female impostor in the white house is,while the rest of us shake our heads and laugh at your stupidity.And if not liking the damage that the traitor in the oval office has done to this country makes me a tyrant then so be it.But you really should use your eyes and ears and look at and listen to what that pos has and is continuing to still do to our country.While you are at it look up the definition of tyrant and then think about labeling your heroes with it. If you have the gray matter required to do so that is.When they are both gone I really hope you can leave with them.Your kind here in America is not needed.See ya,Dem-wit.

        • So let me get this straight. You don’t mind looking at a nude woman, you just don’t want said woman in your life. I’m I reading that right?…..

        • So let me get this straight. You don’t mind looking at a nude lady, you just don’t want said woman in your life? I’m I reading that right?

      • GTFOH With your BS.. Surely you jest? A nude porn star , showing her ass is never First Lady material not now not ever! Stop thinking with your DH and utilize your mind! DA.. Ignorant tyrant! You damn sure must be a member of the racist stuck up Trumps ass crew who won’t even be able to afford your trailer if he were elected jackass, don’t come for me if I don’t send for you Dumbass, I’m all male believe that and I don’t need to prove it to you, the fact that I can recognize a real Lady like the beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama, and not the trash speaks for itself, don’t no real men want a lady who will show her ass to ANY man FO..#IntelligenceMatters

        • And just so you know I can very easily afford my triple wide AND the burrow you live in with all your dem-wit buddies.And further more this isn’t about a woman showing her GOD given assets,this is about electing the best candidate for President,NITWIT!

          • I doubt that you can afford a trash can where I live idiot, and you are correct it is about NOT electing an ignorant dum ass orange toupee wearing racist fool with a trashy ass showing wife with dumb as a box a rocks idiots like you voting for him.. GTFOH Smdh #IntelligenceMatters

          • I can afford anything anywhere you are ass.Hell I can even afford to treat your ignorant pandering Obama loving ass to a good old fashioned ass whipping if you are man enough to accept it.It takes an especially stupid person like yourself,who thinks that they are better than anyone else to rile me. You have certainly met that standard of stupidity and self serving self worth.You must really go far in your small circle of BLM members.Stop hating yourself and you will find that you don’t have to hate honest people.And you really think you are an intellectual?And that you are so superior?Grow up and get over yourself,Sambo.

          • Your a special kind of ignorant to assume your dumb racist asshole self is smart enough to even afford to live anywhere near me idiot jackass!!! You’re exceptionally ignorant to assume I care what your dumb ass thinks duh!!! Your a special kind of stupid!!! Stick your racist ignoramous ass head back up that dumb ass Trumps asshole as no one cares about your clueless dumb as a box of rocks comments already !!! Catch a clue and take your poor ass racist self back in your trailer and read a book or something as I don’t give a damn what you think so catch a clue dickhead dumb ass jerk face idiot!!! #IntelligenceMatters

          • You know,all you are is just another racist dumber than dirt,poorly educated,blue gum,cotton picking coon that thinks everyone owes him something.GFYS

          • You should just go ahead and admit just how racist you are.Get it off your chest Boy.You will feel much better.And I am always willing to meet up with the ones that have DELUDED themselves into thinking that they are the biggest and baddest S.O.B around.I love the look on their faces when they have their fantasies crushed.See ya BOY!

          • Boy take your racist coward ass hiding behind a fake picture and name like the punk ass coward that you are! Hiding behind that keyboard gives you pussies a whole lot of courage just like hiding behind guns does 😂😂😂 take your pussy ass back to your redneck trailer and sit your scared ass down 👀 I see you and you’re not fooling no one jackass Smdh idiot

    • Hey there moron. She speaks five languages and has an IQ of 132. Nice try though. Just stop while you have even a thread of dignity left. And two words for you…..spell check.

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