Hillary Emails Included Intel about Movement of North Korean Nukes

(AP Photo/Brendon Smialowski, Pool)

The latest release of Hillary Clinton’s emails has revealed a number containing classified information, including some written by Hillary herself. Another frightening revelation is that some of the information included the movement of North Korean nuclear assets, which had been attained by U.S. spy satellites.

The Washington Times’ John Solomon reported that there are two concerns about that information being on Hillary’s unsecured server, the first being that intelligence gathered from spy satellites is often classified as top-secret, being among the most sensitive intelligence the U.S. obtains.

Second and perhaps more important is the fact that the North Koreans have a cyberhacking army that could very well have taken advantage of the unsecured server to learn valuable information about U.S. intelligence gathering methods and assets.

The story goes on to note that because the sender of the email ought to have recognized the sensitive nature of the material in the email, marked it as classified and even sanitized the nonpublic information, he or she could be in legal trouble.

So far at least 188 emails sent to Hillary’s server contained classified information. Another half dozen she herself wrote also contained material that should have been classified. These continued revelations will only worsen the already low level of trust the public has in her.