Cox Makes Desperate Attempt to Smear Ron Weiser and Burn Down Republican Party Days Before Michigan GOP Convention

Michigan Republican delegates were shocked to find an email in their inbox Thursday morning from Michigan GOP Chair Laura Cox attacking the new presumptive GOP Chair Ron Weiser. Cox had already publically withdrawn from the race a month ago, but is now asking delegates to reelect her just two days before the Michigan GOP State Convention. It’s being viewed as a sad and desperate attempt to hold onto a paycheck. Cox’s self-serving actions show she’s unwilling to be a team player, and if she can’t stay in power, she’ll try to burn down the party on her way out the door.

The email Cox sent alleges that when Weiser was previously serving as chair in 2018, he made a “secret deal” to pay Secretary of State candidate Stan Got to get out of the race. The issue at hand has already been reviewed by former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Young and other legal experts, who all agree there were no violations.

Cox has known about the issue for years and is only bringing it up for the first time now. She also appointed Stan Grot chair of the budget committee, which puts him in charge of the party’s finances, undermining her entire allegation.

“I find it highly ironic that Laura Cox put me in charge of the party finances and appointed me chairman of the Republican Party budget committee if she truly thought I shouldn’t have been hired. Laura Cox is desperate to hold on to her job and full of sour grapes. Shame on her. Shame,” Grot said.

Cox failed to win Michigan for Donald Trump, one of the most important states in deciding the result of the 2020 presidential election. Rather than exiting quietly, she is attempting to create division in the Republican Party on her way out.

Trump knew the importance of Michigan and chose to be there for his last rally prior to the election. At that Grand Rapids, Michigan rally, Trump pointed to Laura Cox in the crowd and asked if he would win. After Cox responded affirmatively, Trump said, “Ok good. Otherwise, we will fire you so fast.”

The sentiment among most GOP delegates is that Cox’s attacks are completely baseless. In 2018, Weiser declined his own GOP chairman salary, which helped hire regional organizers. It is well known that Stan Grot is one of the best grassroots organizers and has arguably recruited more delegates in the last twenty years than anyone. He helped create the strong Republican grassroots network in Macomb, which put it on the map to be one of the most important swing counties in the nation. His time was better served to focus on Macomb in 2018, than running in a General Election for SOS that Republicans would ultimately lose. 

Even as the incumbent in the GOP chair race, Cox was never able to gain any traction or secure endorsements, which was the reason she bowed out. It’s been clear for months that turning the page on this era would be the best thing for Michigan Republicans moving forward.

Delegates have already coalesced behind Ron Weiser and his co-chair Meshawn Maddock. Weiser’s ability to raise money, coupled with Maddock’s ability to organize the grassroots, make them the Republican dream team. It’s the kind of leadership we need to win the important races happening in our state this cycle. 

Michigan delegates are united and ready for battle in 2022. It’s time for Laura Cox to resign and work with the party, rather than attempt to burn it down on her way out the door.