POLL: Only 21% of Americans Want Illegal Families Released into U.S.

A late June poll from CBS demonstrates that while most Americans disapprove of migrants or asylum-seekers being separated from family members at the U.S. border, an even greater majority do not want families allowed to enter the country illegally.

Only 21% of Americans feel that such families should be allowed to enter the country temporarily (and then required to report for a court hearing at a later date). 48% favor the entire family being released back to their country of origin.

The poll seems to suggest that while many sympathize with the plight of unfortunate families, very few ordinary Americans are in the realm of, say, crying for open borders or the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

And despite the administration’s poor polling on some aspects of immigration policy, it doesn’t appear it will affect the 2018 races. In fact, Republicans look to be in a strong position to keep the Senate.