Huge Win: Trump Admin Props up Religious Freedom and Conscience Rights for Health Care Workers

“The Trump administration will create new protections for health workers who have religious and moral objections to certain procedures such as abortion or assisted suicide,” says The Hill today.

“The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Thursday it will create a new division under the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) responsible for investigating complaints filed by workers claiming that their employers have violated their religious rights.”

This is huge news for doctors, nurses, or anyone working in the health care field who objects to some medical practices on religious or moral grounds.

Now, for example, nurses like Cathy DeCarlo who were forced by their employers to participate in abortions will be able to file complaints and receive justice for these grave violations of their conscience.

On Tuesday earlier this week, President Trump observed National Religious Freedom Day with a statement that mentioned conscience rights for health care workers, and indeed people in any occupation:

“No American—whether a nun, nurse, baker, or business owner—should be forced to choose between the tenets of faith or adherence to the law.” 

The President’s full statement can be read at the White House’s website at: