Nicholson Holding Tammy Baldwin Accountable

Recently, it seems like the company that Tammy Baldwin keeps can’t keep out of the news in connection with the ongoing investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller into foreign election interference.

Marc Elias, a lawyer and “political fixer” who Baldwin and her campaign are close to, was the man who hired the company that produced the infamous Trump-Russia dossier on behalf of the Clinton campaign, and Tony Podesta, whose lobbying firm was hired in conjunction with Paul Manafort’s firm to lead a PR effort for a pro-Russian Ukrainian government organization.

Despite now mainly being associated as the Clinton campaign lawyer who hired Fusion, Elias and his law firm has recently done work for Baldwin and her campaign.

Elias was hired by Baldwin to help her respond to criticism that she and her office responded slowly to a whistleblower revealing huge problems at the Tomah VA Medical Center, paying nearly $140,000 on legal advice from Elias and his firm between 2011 and 2016, according to documents.

Baldwin’s campaign has also paid Elias’ law firm as recently as June, FEC records show.

As for Podesta, FEC reports show that Baldwin has accepted campaign donations from him leading all the way back to 2000.

Podesta gave $1,000 to Baldwin in March of 2012, and again in May of 2017, as well as a $500 donation in 2000.

The group that Podesta’s firm was hired for, the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, is a non-profit which, allegedly, held the true purpose of attempting to soften the Obama administration’s opposition to the pro-Russian Ukrainian government in power at the time.

Nicholson has also called on Baldwin to give back the money that Podesta has given her.

The primary election for the right to challenge Baldwin will take place in August of 2018, where the winner will go head-to-head with Baldwin in the November midterm elections.