Trump’s Approval Ratings on the Upswing

A new POLITICO poll has Trump’s presidential approval rating now at 43%—slightly up from last month’s 39%.

Among Republicans, he stands at 80% approval, slightly higher than before (73%). However, the main drivers of the tick up appear to be independents. From Politico’s own story on the poll:

“‘Trump’s post-Charlottesville plunge proved to be short-lived, and his approval has stabilized,” said Morning Consult Co-founder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp. ‘A key driver of this movement appears to be independents. Immediately after Charlottesville, 35 percent of independent voters approved of Trump, and 58 percent disapproved. In this latest poll, that has risen to 40 percent approval and 52 percent disapproval.'”

Reasons for the increase in presidential approval could be positive views towards the administration’s handling of recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but diverging opinions about Trump’s DACA decision—and his subsequent backtracking on that decision—could also have had an impact on the new numbers.