Defund Obamacare: Trump Administration Should Stop Obamacare’s Theft of Funds that Would Have Helped Middle America and Inner Cities

The inability for Congress to repeal Obamacare or replace it with an alternative brings to light another way for the Trump Administration to right the wrongs that Obamacare unleashed on the American middle class.

Families across America are threatened by an undercapitalized Fannie and Freddie because the funds were instead used to fund Obamacare. The Obama Administration took $260 Billion that would have normally helped lower and middle-class families in rural America and inner cities buy homes and instead diverted the money to pay for the failed health care plan.

This was a complete circumvention of Congress’ authority and was very likely an illegal action by the Obama Administration.

It can be fixed by Treasury instructing the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FIFA) Director Mel Watt that the Net Worth Sweep is over. Mr. Watt is on record with his concern over the undercapitalization that has been caused by the sweep and presumably he would prefer not to make this payment and would follow this directive.

The Trump Administration has an opportunity on March 31st to right this wrong. It is time to pull the financial plug out of Obamacare and protect middle-class taxpayers.

They could also demand the Justice Department launch an investigation into how the money was spent.

Drew Johnson wrote on this for the Daily Caller:

“If President Donald Trump is truly committed to draining the swamp, he should look no further than putting an end to the Net Worth Sweep. There is simply no place in the federal government for a scam that improperly funded Obamacare behind the backs of Members of Congress, while ripping off the investors who bailed out America’s housing market.

Rather than allowing the Net Worth Sweep to continue, President Trump should stop the sweep payments, demand the Justice Department turn over 11,000 Net Worth Sweep-related documents the previous administration refused to make public, and fully investigate how every dime of Net Worth Sweep money has been spent.”

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