Preparing Pence: Trump’s Right Hand Man

In just over two weeks, Vice-president elect Mike Pence will be sworn into office. Pence will play a huge role in Trump’s White House, serving as the main liaison between President-elect Trump and Congress.¬†With Trump’s desire for change and unfiltered thoughts, Mike Pence will become the President’s chief mediator.

Senate Republican Conference Committee Chairman John Thune told the Washington Examiner, “I think Pence is going to have a very big role.”

The Washington Examiner adds, “Pence told lawmakers to expect to see him regularly in the Capitol. Not only will Pence occupy the decorative Vice-President’s Room near the Senate chamber, he’ll open an office in the House too.

Pence will also attend the upcoming Republican Senate and House retreat.

By staying close to GOP lawmakers, Pence will arguably serve perhaps the most critical role in the Trump administration. While Vice President Joe Biden was at times called in to work with congressional Democrats on behalf of President Obama, Trump’s populist and independent streak could cause a far bigger strain within the GOP than Obama ever suffered with his own party’s lawmakers.”