Strategic National: Trump and Clinton Tied in MI

A just released poll by Grand Rapids, MI based Strategic National shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tied in Michigan with just a few short days until Election Day.

There is almost no path for Hillary Clinton to win if she loses the formerly blue state of Michigan. Mitt Romney lost Michigan by almost ten percentage points in 2010 and the state has not been contested since 2004. Michigan last voted for a Republican for President in 1988.

John Yob, the CEO of Strategic National, is a longtime consultant in Michigan who worked for Governor Rick Snyder, Lt Governor Brian Calley, Attorney General Bill Schuette, Congressman John Moolenaar, Congressman David Trott, and numerous other elected Michigan Republicans. Yob released the following statement:

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied in Michigan and we truly have a dead heat going into the final weekend. Trump is over performing in key segments of the electorate especially in rural areas and Macomb County while Clinton is failing to get the numbers she needs out of the city of Detroit. Michigan is likely to be very busy this weekend and could be the state that determines the next President of the United States. Republicans have come a long way since Mitt Romney lost it by nearly 10 points just four years ago.”