Hillary Clinton to Campaign in MI with Detroit Mayor Under FBI Investigation

Hillary Clinton is losing ground in Michigan in public polling conducted by Fox2DetroitEPIC/MRA, and Strategic National and is coming to Michigan today to campaign with the Detroit Mayor who is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal regarding the use of federal anti-blight funds.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s demolition program had costs skyrocket and has been under scrutiny for over $38 million of demolition work to contractors who received uncommon accommodations.

It is highly questionable that Hillary Clinton would choose to campaign with a mayor under federal investigation at a time when the FBI recently reopened the case investigating her.

Duggan recently drew significant fire for failing to inform the general public and city council about U.S. Treasury shutting down his demolition program.  Text messages show that Duggan knew months before he informed city council.

Some of the contractors who received uncommon accommodations were campaign donors to Mayor Duggan.

In recent days, Donald Trump has highlighted Clinton’s situation with the FBI, and it is unclear why Secretary Clinton would travel with a controversial figure like Mayor Duggan at a time that he is also dealing with a federal investigation.

U.S. Treasury and the FBI are investigating Duggan’s demolition program.

Text Messages Show Duggan Knew:


FBI Probes Detroit Demo Program:


Demo Probe Not Over: