Future Star is Born at Trump/Pence Rally in Southwest Michigan

The Trump campaign has done an excellent job using their rallies to unite the party behind Donald Trump while simultaneously showcasing the next generation of conservative leaders.

This happened in Southwest Michigan on Thursday as Julie Calley took the stage in a surprise speech to take on Hillary Clinton and support Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Mrs. Calley serves on the Ionia County Board of Commissioners for eight years and has been quietly running for State Representative this year. She will win on November 8th in the Republican seat and serve in Lansing as a future star of the Republican Party.

She is married to married to Lt Governor Brian Calley who was one of the first Michigan leaders to support Trump after he clinched the nomination but seemingly got cold feet when the tape was leaked.  He has been aggressively anti-Hillary Clinton on Facebook and he has been telling allies that he will be joining his wife and voting for Trump.

But the star of the family today was July Calley as she took the stage in Portage.  The Republican Party needs more female leaders who will stand up and run for office in swing states.  Mrs. Calley is a college educated mother of three who drives a minivan every day and has served as Chairman of her county’s Board of Commissioners.

A star is born.

“We want our next president to have the best interest of our nation at heart. Hillary has proven Time and time again that she is self-centered and untrustworthy. Not only has she been intentionally deceitful with the American people, but she has put our very security at risk and allowed several foreign governments to access confidential information. She does not protect our troops, she does not protect our people, she only protects herself.

We want a president whose priority is public service, not self-service.

I am voting for Donald Trump because I want to see the strength of our nation’s economy returned. And I firmly believe that you know how to spend your own money more efficiently and effectively than the government does.”

We previously showcased Eric Greitens who is now locked in a very tight race for Missouri Governor.