Developing: Walker Wants To Steal Nomination From Trump In Cleveland

Former GOP Presidential candidate Scott Walker wants to rob Donald Trump of the Republican nomination in Cleveland.

According to The Hill:

“Former Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker wants the Republican National Convention delegates to be allowed to “vote the way they see fit,” and not be forced to cast a vote for Donald Trump.

“I think historically, not just this year, delegates are and should be able to vote the way they see fit,” the Wisconsin governor told the Associated Press Tuesday during an official event in Wisconsin.

As a convention delegate, Walker is bound to vote for Ted Cruz, who beat Trump in his state’s primary. But while he added he would follow those rules, he floated the possibility that convention delegates could change the rules and free the delegates from their commitments. That move would plunge the convention into chaos, but it’s the only conceivable way for Trump’s critics to deny him the nomination.”