Former Cruz Advisor Anuzis Calls For “Free For All” In Cleveland To Steal Nomination From Trump

Anuzis, left, Romney, right

Saul Anuzis is backing a Cruz/Walker ticket in Cleveland in a sad and desperate attempt to steal the Republican Presidential nomination from Donald Trump.

Trump received more votes in the primary than any other GOP Presidential candidate in history…

“There is only one viable alternative that could possibly rally the grassroots on the floor of the convention – assuming Trump continues to implode…that’s a Walker/Cruz or Cruz/Walker ticket?!? Interesting times ahead,” Anuzis writes on his blog.

Trump supporter Dennis Pittman, a Trump Alternate Delegate and former Executive Director of the Oakland County Republican Party, blasted Anuzis on Facebook.

“Scheming to break rules to ignore the will of 14 million voters is neither principled nor conservative,” Pittman said. “Scheming to ignore state party rules throughout the country is neither principled nor conservative…So Saul and the schemers have hired someone to round up volunteers to call all the convention delegates and alternates to get answers to about 25 poll questions. By the questions, the goal is to subvert the rules, change the rules at the last minute and drag back one of the 16 losers to present as the nominee, against the will of 14 million primary voters. Yes this is principled.”

Anuzis actually argues there are no rules and that the primary election doesn’t matter!

Tim Skubick writes:

“Former Michigan GOP chair Saul Anuzis was a strong backer of defeated candidate Ted Cruz. He contends that once the gavel is banged to start the convention, there are no rules.

“Technically there are no rules at the convention once the gavel’s been banged. so its a free for all theoretically,” Anuzis said. “Not only could it be blocked, then but it could be blocked afterwards.”

The movement to block Trump is so strong, somebody has even written a book on how to “unbound” the delegates. Simultaneously, a splinter group hopes to raise $2.5 million to run commercials urging GOP delegates to do whatever they want in Cleveland.”

Just last Saturday, Anuzis said he had nothing to do with anything like this because an alternative hadn’t emerged… Did something change?

“Saul Anuzis, a former Michigan Republican Party chairman, said he subscribes to the theory that all delegates are technically unbound when the convention convenes.

“I’m not of the dump Trump scenario, but if a viable alternative emerged, I wouldn’t be against it,” said Anuzis, who was a senior adviser on Cruz’s campaign.

Anuzis, who spent months corralling delegates across the country for Cruz, said there’s a “loose confederation” of delegates discussing how to change the rules and nominate a consensus candidate, but no real “organized effort.”

“I don’t think you can beat somebody with nobody,” Anuzis said. “But Trump just has not closed the deal, so to speak, so that creates an opportunity, uncertainty and a window for things to happen.”

I can think of another Saul who would be quite proud of Anuzis….