Breaking: Iowa Dems Admit Caucus Results Are Wrong After Errors Found, New Results Coming

Breaking tonight: Iowa Dems are admitting problems with the results of Monday’s caucuses after errors have been found. After a review of the issues, the new results will be announced…

Perhaps the 90 missing precincts or shady coin tosses have something to do with it? Or Hillary’s out-of-state help?

According to The Hill:

“Iowa Democratic Party officials have found errors in the party’s caucus results amid a review, according to the Des Moines Register.

State party officials confirmed to the Register on Friday that the final tally is being altered as discrepancies have been found.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was declared the winner after Monday night’s caucuses, defeating rival Bernie Sanders by a razor-thin margin.

“Both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have flagged a very small number of concerns for us, and we are looking at them all on a case-by-case basis,” Iowa Democratic Party spokesman Sam Lau said.

The results have been under scrutiny since Monday night.”