RIGGED? 90 Precinct Results Go Missing In Iowa As Hillary Wins Multiple...

RIGGED? 90 Precinct Results Go Missing In Iowa As Hillary Wins Multiple Delegates By Coin Toss

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

90 precinct totals mysteriously went missing Monday night in Iowa, and Hillary Clinton won at least 6 delegates by coin toss after precinct ties. If those votes went the other way, Sanders would be winning.

The missing precinct totals are just another shady and unsettling chapter in a long line of Clinton scandals.

According to The Hill:

The Iowa Democratic Party is denying accusations from Bernie Sanders’s campaign that it failed to staff scores of caucus sites as he and Hillary Clinton remained locked in a too-close-to-call contest that spilled over into early Tuesday morning.

But an Iowa Democratic Party official pushed back against the claims, telling The Hill that “the reports of precincts without chairs are inaccurate.”

“We have reached out to the campaigns for help in contacting the chairs for our outstanding precincts,” the official said in a statement.

“We are not taking results from the campaigns. We are taking them from the chairs who are in these precincts.”

The Iowa Democrats did not elaborate as to why the campaigns may have a better handle on where the party’s precinct chairs are than the party itself.”



  1. you had to know she would do what ever she had to just like when obama got in , i wonder how many dead people voted for her in iowa, hummmmm…

  2. Of course she loses them… she is as corrupt a liar as there is and, has not one ounce of decency or integrity… She is all about herself as is the racist, muslim, marxist, narcissistic megalomaniac Oblamer!!

  3. RIGGED? You ask? What else could it be….Hillary, Clinton, Dems….ALL crooked as hell! And I wasn’t aware coins could vote…..but, then again, dead people do!

  4. What did anyone expect!!! When a Clinton is involved-something always goes mysteriously wrong. And if you think this is “mysterious–wait till the general election!!!

  5. Same thing as in the State of Washington, Democrat Governor was losing but 3 different times the Democratic controlled City of Seattle found 3 different boxes of ballots which they claim were uncounted were MYSTERIOUSLY found putting the Democrat canidate over the top.

    In a lawsuit a Democratic appointed Judge found no foul. BULLSHIT

    • And scores of those “winning” votes were cast by homeless people giving the address of the Democrat controlled auditors election office. And, of course, the court case did prove masses of illegal votes by felons for Greggie, but the judge said it was too disruptive to change things now. So she bankrupted the state as typical Demo(n)s do. Cheaters DO prosper – but only on Earth. They will be called in front of the real review board soon.

  6. Hitlery cheat? Surely you jest! (Note tongue firmly planted in cheek!) If she gets Ovomit’s cover against the indictment sure to be referred by the FBI to the Justice Dept & ends up getting the demonrat nomination, how much cheating and voter fraud do you think will go on to get her in the WH, hmmmm? If AG Lynch doesn’t approve the H Clinton indictment, you can bet your ass the FBI Director, James Comey will raise a lot of hell before he resigns & 100-150 FBI agents who worked for months gathering information on the traitorous bitch will make way too much noise to be ignored!!!

  7. Iowa results: 50% of Iowa’s democrats voting for Sanders are socialists; 50% of Iowa voters voting for Clinton haven’t a clue.

  8. This is pure and simple VOTER FRAUD, and this is how it goes on. Voter ID means nothing other than illusion; the true frauds go on within the “parties” and the government.

  9. What Voter Fraud Looks Like In the Iowa Democratic Caucuses:

    Supposedly in six Iowa voting precincts there was a virtual tie between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and, as apparently is allowed in Iowa, the winner in those precincts was determined by coin tosses. Given a 50/50 chance of which ever result, that same result occurring in six out of six tries, I have to question the realistic odds of that occurring. And also I have to ask if indeed there were six virtual ties in the voting in six precincts, why would not have each candidate been awarded three??
    Then, following the election and on to voter tabulation, it turns out that in 90 precincts the voter ballots simply up and vanished, so those precincts would be automatically awarded to Clinton. Does anyone else see a pattern of likely fraud in this??
    Given the fact that witch Hillary, throughout her entire professional career has proven herself over and over again to be a thoroughly mendacious, foul mouthed and vindictive small person, I just cannot understand how 50% of the Iowa Democratic Caucuses voters could actually vote for this person.
    Do they really believe in some slogan, “An idea whose time has come” or “Ready for Hillary”? Do they really think that if she becomes President that she would “turn over a new leaf”? She has actively and continually demonstrated that she is in the game for herself and her own personal wealth and power only. She didn’t hesitate in the least to steal U.S. Government, White House property worth $280,000.00 in what could only be described as an obvious and contemptuous burglary, solely for her own personal gain. (She was forced to return approximately $200,000.00 of the loot taken.)
    Are there really that many Democrats in Iowa who are so foolish as to completely disregard these known facts? I thought the people of Iowa were far smarter than to believe in some fairy tale nightmare come to life. Perhaps this is why the voting results from 90 precincts have suddenly come up as missing.
    I’ve posted many times on FB and other pages how the actual and true voter frauds go on in the Voters Registrar’s Office and where those who are allowed to vote get their votes actually tabulated, and now apparently anywhere in between. I tend to think that we are looking at another instance of voter theft just as we saw in 2000, 2004, 2008 and again in 2012. I am sure that anyone should be able to see that requiring a voter ID card enabling the voter to cast his or her ballot is nothing but a distraction providing the illusion of legitimacy in voting, but in reality it simply WOULD HAVE NO EFFECT on reducing any voter frauds.
    I also find it extremely difficult to believe that so many people in Iowa or anywhere else could be so collectively stupid.

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