Breaking: Serious Questions Raised After Hillary Busted Bringing Outsiders To Iowa

Breaking: Serious Questions Raised After Hillary Busted Bringing Outsiders To Iowa

If missing precincts and bizarre coin tosses weren’t enough fun for Hillary in Iowa, it now seems she brought in staff from out of state to run precinct operations, raising serious questions about what other things people from outside Iowa may have played in the caucuses last night.

Sanders officials blasted the shady out of state involvement.

According to reports:

“I think this raises a very serious concern,” Jeff Weaver, national campaign chairman for Sanders, told Yahoo! News…

Precinct captains are traditionally entirely staffed by Iowans. Weaver calls this a “highly irregular” practice on the part of the Clinton campaign, with some experts worrying that this placement “could easily lead to abuse.”

While Weaver assured Bernie supporters that he’s not concerned specifically about this single out-of-state precinct captain, he did insist that this could be a small link in a larger strategy by the Clinton campaign to have “non-residents attempt to participate and be counted in the caucus.”



  1. Haven’t we had ENOUGH of this Nonsense??? Put her in Prison where she belongs and get oh Muslim lover/ America destroyer out of the Oval Office ASAP…

  2. Obama and Lynch will protect Clinton at least until after the election in November, unless she implicates Obama somehow in the security breaches. Cornered Rats fight.

    • Watch closely who is picked for her VP.Dems will be sure to put in VP they want for president knowing she will (hopefully)charged and theywill end up with who they REALLY want

      • I have thought about that Meme35. Democrats are a sneaky bunch, but so are Republicans. This whole Dog and Pony show is turning rabid quick! I refuse to let what happens in Iowa, New Hampshire or; S. Carolina to influence my decision on who i vote for in November. I can tell you with certainty that it wont be Hillary or Bernie.

  3. Clinton has turned Iowa into a farce. She knows she cannot beat Bernie so she has to cheat, and keep the DNC (Debbie Whatshername Schultz) in her hip pocket in order to get the nomination.

    But rank and file democrats and republicans are watching her, and will vote for whoever is nominated on the GOP side.

    Clinton has now demonstrated she can and will steal an election. Iowa got raped. For the Clintons, that runs in the family. Watch out New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, all of you are on her list.

  4. She is a liar, a traitor, and belongs in jail this Country is so sick to continue to support some one like her

  5. So the Sanders campaign is only now coming to the understanding that Hillary never has played by the rules? Correct that, the laws, too.

  6. Where this witch had her start, and her first termination for unethical and mendacious practices on Sam Irvin’s Watergate Investigation Committee investigating Richard Nixon, I really think that Hillary could have taught, and even shocked Nixon himself with some of her schemes.

  7. Hillary ” Road-Kill” Clinton cannot help herself, her campaign staff is riddled with people just like her, Left Wing Liberal Democrat Sycophants, eager to do her bidding to get her elected. Lord Help the USA, if this Crazy Socialist Woman is elected to POTUS.

  8. Hillary’s machine counts the votes.. = Hillary will win every time, and the peoples votes matter not…

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

  9. “Poor””Hilarious” Hillary Clinton will turn everything into a farce, in addition to lying about her “accomplishments”. Her lying started with Whitewater in Arkansas and has continued to this date. Of course, we all know about the lies from Slick Willie with his extramarital affairs. Hillary has been taught all of Bill’s ways to mislead the people. If Hillary were a Republican, she was already have been indicted and charged with crimes against the United States.

  10. One crime after another. When is it going to stop? America earnestly awaits the final report on the email scandal.

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