Jeb Bush Just Made A Shocking Prediction About Donald Trump

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says fellow 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump will start to significantly slide in the polls before the next debate.

That debate takes place December 15 in Las Vegas…

According to The Washington Post:

“Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Monday night that GOP front-runner Donald Trump “will be in decline” the next time they meet for a debate in mid-December…

Bush spoke at the Dallas home of Amy and Malone Mitchell, who are members of the campaign’s “Texas Leadership Committee.” An audio recording of the event was provided to The Washington Post by someone in attendance, who asked for anonymity out of concern for potential retribution.

Among those in attendance Monday night was former president George W. Bush, and his wife, Laura.

“I’m typically not a very good pundit, but I’ll tell you this — what appears to be reality today will not be reality next February,” the former president said as he introduced his brother to the crowd. “These things go through cycles and the winner is going to be the person who is steadiest under fire, who has had the executive experience necessary to make tough decisions. Who has got a series of plans to deal with America’s most pressing problems. The winner is going to be somebody who can appeal beyond the kind narrowness of some of the politics of today. The winner is going to be somebody who’s competitive. The winner is going to be somebody who’s tall.”