Ben Carson Refuses To Back Down, Schools Media On Gun Rights (With Video!)

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on “Face The Nation” Sunday on CBS, defending his comments advocating for the rights of Americans to own guns in order to prevent a Holocaust like event from happening here.

The 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful also said he doesn’t think a “gun grab” is imminent, but if so, the Constitution would prevent such a move.

According to Breitbart:

During the October 11 airing of Face the Nation, host John Dickerson went after Ben Carson for contending that the Jewish people would have suffered less under Nazism had they been armed. And instead of examining the substance of Carson’s observation, Dickerson tried to intimate that Carson was suggesting we are under a Nazi-like regime now…

Breitbart News previously reported on Carson’s October 8th contention that the Jewish people could have curtailed the Holocaust, had they been armed.

Dickerson used this contention as a springboard when quoting from Carson’s book, A More Perfect Union, saying, “Confiscating the guns of American citizens would violate the Constitution as well as rendering the citizenry vulnerable to criminals and tyrants.” He then looked directly at Carson and said, “So I want to ask you, who wants to confiscate all the guns of the American citizens?”

Carson replied:

“What I’m talking about is the reason that we have a Second Amendment. This is a book about the Constitution and the Second Amendment is part of it. And it is there for the reasons that I stated in the book. Specifically, in the case of an invasion by a foreign power the people would be able to aid the military. And also, if we have a time when we have the wrong people in office, and they want to dominate the people, the people will be able to defend themselves. As Daniel Webster eloquently said, “The people of America will never suffer under tyranny because they are armed.”