Dr. Carson EMBARRASSES Hillary: Check Out What He Just Did To The...

Dr. Carson EMBARRASSES Hillary: Check Out What He Just Did To The Book She Sent!

Hillary Clinton probably regrets sending the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates her book. First, Rand Paul owned her over Benghazi, now Dr. Ben Carson is striking back in a campaign ad with almost 1.5 million hits in just a few hours.

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According to The Hill:

“Ben Carson’s campaign staff is thanking Hillary Clinton for sending a copy of her book their way, by using it as a doorstop, a coaster and a computer stand.

The GOP White House hopeful’s campaign released a video Friday showing the ways it says it’s putting “to good use” the Democratic presidential front-runner’s 2014 memoir “Hard Choices.”

In one scene, a staffer is seen cleaning up a drink spilled on her desk, before then placing the offending coffee cup on The New York Times bestseller. “Thanks, Hillary,” she says to the camera.
Another worker rests his laptop atop the book, while in yet another scene, a woman is seen struggling to reach a pack of paper plates stacked on a refrigerator. She ultimately steps on Clinton’s book to grab the items.

Still another staffer does weight lifts with “Hard Choices” during what’s dubbed an “office break exercise” before thanking Carson’s political rival.

The ad, paid for by Carson America, garnered nearly 50,000 likes on Facebook in two hours after being posted Friday morning.”



  1. That is a great video. Too bad Ben does not stand a chance in HeII of getting the Republican nomination.

  2. Mister Cavemen, don’t be too sure of what you say! Dr. Carson has more intelligence and determination in his little finger than all the rest do together…except for Kasich and Fiorina. All together, we have the best array of Republican candidates than I have ever seen before. Some s ay Dr. Carson is too easy-going, but intellect, strength and determination doesn’t have to be brash, loud and bombastic. I pray to God will choose one and all that one to advance and win!

    • Ben Carson is really smart, but he does not have the political acumen that Ted Cruz has, nor does he understand the Constitution in a way that only a Constitutional scholar, such as Cruz, can understand. Carson would be a great VP candidate, under Cruz. Cruz/Carson would be the ideal ticket.

      • cruz wife works for a very large liberal organization . CFR get a clue he is not what he claims to be. The Outsider that’s deeply embedded on the inside

      • I like Ted Cruz a lot, but I think you underestimate Ben Carson, as far as understanding the Constitution. He is a brilliant man, and knows that constitution inside and out. Don’t underestimate his intelligence.

        • I did not underestimate Dr. Carson, but he is a doctor, not a lawyer. As an attorney, myself, I can tell you that understanding Constitutional law is very difficult.

          Ted Cruz is a brilliant lawyer, finishing at the top of his class at Harvard Law School. Just getting into HLS is very difficult. After law school, Cruz clerked for the Chief Justice, again a hard position to earn. In other words, just as Carson was a top physician, Cruz is a top lawyer. One would not expect a top physician to know as much about law as a top lawyer. That is my point.

          This is not to say that Dr. Carson does not know Constitutional law, just the opposite. It is just that at this time, when the Constitution is being seriously challenged, we need the very best person and in this instance, Cruz is better qualified to be President than Carson.

          • Gerald, My choice for a winning Combination was Ben Carson for
            President & “Draft In” Judge Andrew Napolitano as Vice pres. for
            his Expertise in the U.S. Constitution–That way You get Medical
            Expertise & an Expert on the Constitution, & You can always get
            Experienced Advice on Foreign Policies & Military Advisors on
            Armed Services & Public Relations are a ‘Snap for both Carson &
            Napolitano’-! Both can speak without “Stuttering like Obama without
            a “Teleprompter”-! Get Congress to pass a “Balanced Budget” with
            no Ear-marks & get this Nation on a “even-keel” again & solve the
            rest of the Problems as they come up-! Void all of Obama’s Czars-!

          • Napolitano has gone way down in my estimation…Maybe it is since he colored his hair that awful color…Now he wants to close Gitmo…I don’t like that….

          • Yes, we can see how important it is to have a lawyer as President. We have a Muslim one sitting in the White House right now. Think he’s done a good job because of his education background?

          • Nah! BO’s education is questionable and his legal inabilities are well demonstrated when he exercises his political power by pushing unconstitutional enactments and executive orders.

          • It is difficult to get a handle on what happened in Obama’s early life, he being so secretive about it. IF he was born out of the country, as some contend, he would be an alien and not eligible for President, pursuant to the terms of the US Constitution. But that is not a crime and it would not be his fault, as a baby is not able to pick the country where he is born.

          • Most of us do know that Obama was never a Citizen..It will come out sooner or later. Perhaps too late…Everyday with him in office is such a tragedy…Maybe it does not affect the rest of you, but we are self supporting and take no handouts and life is harder now…These are our golden years…Not giving a SS raise is criminal…look at the drug bills of the elders and the food bill…there is inflation for them…They need a raise every year, just like the reps give to themselves….more than the reps. We must stop them from the ability to vote in favor of themselves…Ask the elderly if they need a raise….Resounding YES there….

          • His fault is being president knowing he was not born here…..and many other faults of his…

          • Gerald M. Serlin – If you feel our President should be a constitutional lawyer, then how do you explain the usurper in office who is touted as being a constitutional lawyer. If he truly understands our constitution, then he is KNOWINGLY violating it every time he picks up his “pen” or his “phone”.

          • That is just the point. Not only does he NOT know what he is doing as President, he does not know Constitutional law, at all. I know where he is coming from. I once accepted a post at a community college to teach legal research, which I hate and know nothing about. I effed that up to my regret and to the regret of my students. Unlike the Pres., I quit as soon as the semester was over.

      • You apparently have not listened to all of Dr. Carson’s speeches. You would see he is very intelligent when it comes to our Constitution, foreign policies, etc.. Maybe you should also try reading some of his books. And he has a wife that is extremely smart too. I think he should be President and she Vice President!

        • Well, Martha, two Carters in the WH at one time that might be too much, but on the other hand, maybe not. If Cruz was not available, Ben Carson would be my choice. But Cruz IS available and the USA needs to take advantage of his smarts and his political experience.

    • You will need votes rather than God. Kasich is the only rational Republican. That’s why he has no chance.

        • Simply, we do not live in a theocracy. My foundation is
          I was born
          I accepted Christ as my savior at age 14
          I believe in Jesus and the Creator
          I think organized religion does not speak Creators word.
          I do not believe in organized religion.
          We need to vote for a President that understands the separation between church and state.

          Freedom to worship or freedom to be an atheist.
          I do not judge.

      • After watching the GOP in action during the past decade, it is almost shocking that someone would use the words “rational” and “Republican” in the same sentence.
        At one point, Boehner and McConnell sounded “rational”, and they’ve been as worthless to us as the row of teats on a slab of bacon.
        Kasich may be “good”… but he’s another career, beltway Republican, and i’m done trusting any of them.

        • Well after watching what Obama has done, not only to this country, but to the world, I will be convinced if the far left radicals win, that this country is for sure, 52% Useful Idiots.

          Never,in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause a nation of people – on a daily basis! Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up.

          Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to
          the level of street-fighting gangs, when he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured. There has never been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country. Obama should have been impeached years ago.

          • Conservative Intelligence is like oil and water. You clowns just refuse to acknowledge the state of this country when Barack Obama took over.

          • Seven LONG years ago. The great depression took less time to recover than what this Skinny Punk with Big Ears has done. And the ”recovery” was great. Where did all those TRILLIONS of dollars go. Where was is spent seeing how bad the recovery is. Almost 100 million people unemployed. This 5.2% unemployment is a joke number. The real numbers is probably more like 30% or greater. The ”gov” numbers just don’t add up.

          • Ronald Davis: Do you mean better than it is now after seven years of Muslim “community organizer” rule deliberately destroying what was once an admired and great country? Now America is the laughing stock of the world and our enemies look on us as a joke. As for liberal intelligence like yours, it is zero.

          • I see you are on that FOX juice also. You would never admit to the truth about President Obama if your life depended on it. If the United States is looked upon as a joke it’s because of our Congress and you conservative clowns.

          • To you, clown: How long would it take for O’ to turn the country around then? How can he, since nothing is ever his fault, he has no control, right?

            You voted for HIS hope and change, and got it: more below poverty, more on food stamps, more workforce out of work, richer rich, reduction in middle class wages, more world unrest, more racial strife. And you want America to acknowledge 8 years ago?

          • You can sit on your ass and say that this country is worse off now than when President Obama took over. You need to stop drinking that hate juice you get from FOX Nooze. The real problem with President Obama is that He is a real Man, Farther, Husband, Christian and President of the United States. What your problem is that you have been fed all your life, blacks are not intelligent enough to run anything cause we took everything from them and made them our slaves. They were stripped of their names, religion, culture and their will. So no way are they going to run the country. Boo! your worse nightmare and you can’t get over it. You people cause a problem and you point at President Obama and say he did it.

        • the_publius: I don’t know about you, but the God I worship is forgiving, merciful. He gave each of us FREE WILL, and doesn’t simply “put(s) people in power and he takes them out of power to serve his own will.” Were that a fact, your God would thus be the causative factor in the deaths of untold tens of millions of innocents in the last two world wars alone.
          Man has demonstrated time and time again that he is very capable of raining destruction upon himself without the help of any Higher Power. That said, I agree with your initial comments wholeheartedly; unfortunately (for the constituents), it’ll be a tall task ridding D.C. of career politicians who are out for themselves first, their deep-pocketed backers second, and the fools who insist on perpetuating their existence and power base by reelecting them time after time.
          The only “rationale” to be gleaned from all of this is that “we the people” truly get what we deserve; never has that mantra been more true than today. Hopefully, your God or mine WILL intervene and enlighten enough of us with the common sense to change the course that the current POTUS has set us on before there is no ship of state to salvage. I for one, am not overly optimistic.

          • I sincerely wish that we had term limits and would automatically get the dudes out of Washington! Congress knew the way Obama was, but stood by and let him take over! I would vote for the Boy and Girl Scouts for Congress!

        • The_publius,
          While God can put people in power and remove them, he allows us to select our leaders in this country, which means he’s given us the freedom to be complete idiots, as the last two presidential elections show. I worked for the Pat Robertson campaign in 1988 because I thought it was the correct thing to do, but unlike most of my fellow paid workers, I didn’t think that God was going to impose him a nation that mostly rejects God. The USA is not God’s chosen nation and He didn’t create us to demonstrate His will and Love like he did Isreal. Therefore, the USA is not the incarnation of God’s plan. God’s Kingdom, is here now and is coming still, but the USA is not the Kingdom of God, therefore it will eventually fail, as all nations do, but with God’s sustaining grace, strength, we, today, will prevent our nation from falling under a tyrant, but I don’t see us ever again becoming the dominant element in American society, so God isn’t going to intercede and salvage the USA in spite of His previous blessings, when the government and people were mostly in-tune with His will. That is no longer the case and we will continue to lose our influence and the enemies of God will continue to pass laws that make it harder to affect legislation and regulations until we are outlawed as the enemies of the state. I just pray it’s not in my lifetime or my children’s lifetime, though I’m pessimistic.

      • Hey dummy……How about God and votes…….instead of saying, “you will need votes rather than God”. Only liberals believe that. And liberals won’t vote for Republicans. Geeeez, wake up.

        • You call me a dummy for expressing my views. I will vote for Kasich, maybe Rubio. Haven’t changed my mind because Creator is not going change the election. You are so open minded that you worth a good laugh.

          • Sorry Robert. Didn’t mean to be so harsh. I just believe we need both. And I don’t believe Kasich is the only good candidate. Ben Carson is a wonderful candidate, and most of the people believe that, because he is right on Trumps tail.

          • I will vote for the best candidate after all debates are concluded. At that point I will be able to judge candidates and make my decision. I don’t believe in making decisions at this point.

          • Sometime the primary is more important then the general Robert; how else would we be able to put the right person up against the populist.

          • I agree 100%. I do have my favorites, but there are about 4 that I really like. It is way to early to pick. Sorry again, for calling you a dummy. I was the dummy.

          • No problem. Just wish posters everywhere would drop the ;ow class words like moron, idiot, libtard, repugtard, etc.

          • If you can’t decide to rule out Trump at this point, after all of the assinine things he has said already, then you are not analyzing things completely. If he becomes President and spouts off as he has done already, the world will be worse off that even if Obama were still President.

          • If you can’t tell if a person is a jerk by what he says and how he acts, perhaps you shouldn’t vote. If you want my opinion, you should vote for a person who has a full grasp of the issues and that is definitely NOT Trump. [Who could vote for that face?]

          • Perhaps I will exercise my right to vote for the best candidate after the debates move along. I don’t need you telling whether I should vote or not.

          • I am not presuming to tell you if you should vote, or not. I am just saying that if you do not yet have enough information about Trump yet, to RULE HIM OUT, then you are not exercising good judgment. Sometimes a decision can be made based upon what has already been demonstrated and cannot be taken back.

          • I don’t actually hate Trump, but I sincerely believe that he is an embarassment to American politics. Even so, I would prefer him over all of the Democrats running, who while they are not embarassments, have a wrong view of what America should be.

          • Don’t think she said that at all….I’ve listened to him too. Maybe we just think some others are worth giving a closer look, this early on. You “Trump-oholics are VERY passionate people…But “shopping around” can be a GOOD thing, where presidents are concerned…at least consider it.

          • I will make up my mind up after the last debate. That is after the Democrat and Republicans debate each other. Vote for the best candidate regardless of party.

          • If you want me to presume to tell you whom you should vote for, you are in the minority. Most people would resent that kind of comment. Unless things change seriously, I will tell you that MY preference in the Republican primary is Ted Cruz, followed by Ben Carson, followed by anyone else BUT Trump.

          • That was cute…I like that…finally, somebody on these comment sites who can show a sense of humor w/o a vicious attack!

          • Trump is NOT the best answer…With all the others to choose from, we can do better. But I’d hold my nose and vote for him in a “hail-Mary pass”, before I’d stay home (like some did last time)and concede to the Democrats in a general election.

      • If you call people who just continue to borrow money from China to turn around and export jobs to China, and then use the borrowed money to pay for Chinese goods “rational.” Some might question YOUR sanity.

      • God will bring you the votes when you honor and believe in him. Remember , ” “Blessed is the nation who trusts in the Lord.”

    • I don’t think Mr. Caveman disagrees with your observations, Rudy… It isn’t the American People who would refuse support for the nomination…, it’s the entrenched career politician rino’s that would do double back flips (as McConnell has already started to do) to keep anyone but their good-ol-boy elite, go-along-to-get-along, testicularly-challenged Republicans, like Boehner, McConnell, et. al. I think the American People are starving for someone like Dr. Carson, and are sick to death of the GOP sticking us with lame candidates.

    • I agree. There’s no excuse for there not being a Republican in the White House this time around….If a divisiveness in the party doesn’t prevail, there are REAL choices this time.

  3. Dr Carson should use Hitliary’s book for the same purpose the occupant of the WH uses the Constitution…as a toilet paper substitute!!!

  4. I am not a Hillary fan, but Carson was heartless to destroy something given to him in good faith and advertising it on the internet.

  5. John Kasich is not the same republican now as when he served in the House…..He leans much more to the left in order to satisfy the strong union element in his state of OH…..I liked him better when he still remembered the struggles his father made as postman delivery person….He’s still better than any democrat in the race…..

    • I just heard recently, Trump say that if he is elected, he wants John Kasich for his Vice President. Not who I would choose. If he is a Union man, unions are one of the biggest downfalls of this country. They are horrible in the Teachers Union. I fought the Teamsters when my husband and I owned our Trucking Company for 23 yrs. We won, but it was an absolute nightmare to deal with them. They would flatten the tires on our trucks, throw eggs at the trucks, threaten the drivers families. Unions, in my opinion, are nothing more than a bunch of THUGS AND THIEVES.

  6. The American body politic is way too smart to elect ANY of the clowns running for President under the banner of the Republican party. They have seen what happens when they give the Right the levers of power, money and rights flow to the wealth class while the rest of us are trampled under the jackboot of social conservatism and unbridled racism. I must say, it has been entertaining at the least to watch the comedy now enhanced by Kevin’s gaffe about the Benghazi Committee and the brouhaha about finding someone stupid enough to run for Speaker. The 2016 election will mark the end of the Republicans – and the troglodyte Tea Party – as viable political parties, thank God..

  7. I am not an American and I don’t live in the USA, but I worry about Americans voting for Mrs Fiorina. Please, before you do, read her post-9/11 speech. She ascribes all kinds of marvellous things to muslims and seems to know nothing about either islam or the great history of her own country.

  8. Ben Carson is a gentle man The Clinton’s know no one like him they associate with James Carville, Obama, John Podesta, Bill’s whores and mistresses and Joe Biden so they have no opportunity nor desire to meet a nice people. Their friends will meet in Hell with Satan and Saul Alinsky.

  9. Too bad there aren’t any more residential outhouses anymore except for the blue boys and some other commerciasl out houses. They could replace what the old farmers used to use years ago Sears and Roebuck magazines. It would make could crap paper seeing as thats whats inside the lying pages already.

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