RUDE: Clinton Constantly Late, Supporters Forced To Wait For HOURS Then Bail Out Of Frustration

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton is consistently running late to events, causing supporters to leave after facing hours of heat and dehydration. The former Secretary of State makes no apologies for her tardiness, leaving undecided voters upset. This is not what Hillary needs in the face of record low poll numbers.

According to CNN:

“At 3:30 p.m. Friday, one hour after Hillary Clinton was scheduled to take the stage at the gym at Broward College here, Vikesh Patel and three of his classmates left without catching a glimpse of the Democratic front-runner in this key Florida county. She was running late from a fundraiser.

“We’ve been here since one o’clock,” said Patel, who doesn’t know much about Clinton but whose parents have followed her and her husband for decades.

He and his classmates were also going to work the rally into a paper for a speech class they’re taking.

“I guess we’ll have to go see someone else give a speech,” Patel said.

In the back of the gym, another student, Nichole Zapata, was rethinking her decision to bring her grandmother to see Clinton speak.

“This is not a good impression,” said Zapata, an undecided voter who plans to vote in 2016. “Hopefully she can win me over once she gets here, if she gets here. Not doing too good, though.”

Clinton finally did take the stage more than an hour after she was supposed to, a pattern at recent events that are meant to energize Democratic volunteers and voters in key states.”
The article notes it’s a trend for Clinton.

“In Baton Rouge last week, Clinton ran an hour late for her organizing event. The same day in Little Rock, she appeared more than 30 minutes after the crowd in a sweltering gym expected her.

The next day in Des Moines, Iowa, she walked on stage 40 minutes late in another gym where campaign staffers had carted in fans and bottled water to cool the overheated crowd.

And at an event on substance abuse Thursday in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Clinton was 50 minutes behind schedule.

Clinton aides…declined to directly comment on the tardiness.”

Facing a much more popular and punctual Bernie Sanders, even when Clinton does arrive, she leaves supporters disappointed and makes no apologies for forcing them to wait so long for her.

“But it doesn’t help the mood at her rallies at a time when Bernie Sanders, her much more punctual Democratic challenger, is making key early states very competitive and filling larger venues with more enthusiastic crowds….

Walking out of the event, Zapata, the student who had hoped Clinton would win her over, was less than enthusiastic.

“She could have been better,” she said. “She made us wait over an hour for her. I understand she is on a tight schedule, but she could have at least apologized for being late.”

“It could have just been better,” Zapata said, rushing out to get to her job at Starbucks.”