McCarthy Technically Accurate: Hillary’s Poll Numbers Reach Historic Low

McCarthy Technically Accurate: Hillary’s Poll Numbers Reach Historic Low

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy came under fire recently for comments the California Congressman made about Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers after the start of the House’s Benghazi panel.

He may have been forced to walk back those comments for needlessly politicizing a very serious investigation, but for those keeping score he may have been technically accurate.

The exact effect the Benghazi issue has had on Hillary isn’t fully clear, however, it is evident that Clinton’s approval rating has dramatically dropped since her time at the State Department- the number of Americans who view the former Secretary of State in a favorable light has plummeted and Clinton now faces record low poll numbers.

She is even underwater with female voters, with nearly  50% having a negative opinion of her.

““Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right?” McCarthy said on Fox News. “But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened had we not fought.”

A recent Fox News poll illustrates Clinton’s problems.

“Hillary Clinton’s personal favorable ratings hit a low mark in the latest Fox News national poll…

Some 38 percent of voters view Clinton favorably, down from 45 percent in May.  The downward shift comes from the fact that half of women now rate her negatively.  Positive views among Democrats are also down since May (-11 points).”

Fox News Poll

Opinion Of Hillary Clinton

Now/   May     Record High

Low     2015    August 2012

Favorable        38%     45%     63%

Unfavorable    56%     49%     31%

September 20-22, 2015

Registered Voters ± 3% Pts.


Fox News Poll

Opinion Of Hillary Clinton

May     Record High

Now    2015    August 2012

Favorable        71%     82%     88%

Unfavorable    23%     12%       9%

September 20-22, 2015

Democratic Registered Voters ±5% Pts.

The Fox poll shows Clinton at a historic low.

“Overall, a record high 56 percent of voters now have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton….”

Clinton has been on a national roller coaster ride with her approval ratings ever since she first appeared as the feisty wife to then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton.

“She was actively involved in policy and the health care reform effort for her husband. And she came under fire in 1992 for stridently defending her own career, saying on 60 Minutes in 1992 that she wouldn’t be “some little woman standing by my husband like Tammy Wynette.”

“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life,” she said at another point. Hillary Clinton’s 1992 campaign comments made her one of the most divisive women in the country as first lady.”

>>>Since then, Clinton dealt with her husband’s impeachment and the Monica Lewinsky scandal, among scores of others while in the White House. She ran for Senate from New York after leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in 2000, she ran for President in 2008, subsequently becoming Secretary of State after losing to Obama.

After once enjoying sky-high poll numbers as Secretary of State, scandals like Benghazi, revelations from WikiLeaks, and now multiple investigations into the legality of her email system have ravaged Clinton-she’s gone from favorably viewed and trusted as one of America’s most popular politicians to freefall, viewed skeptically and in an extremely untrustworthy light.

It’s not just Fox News polls that show Hillary in distress. According to Gallup, Clinton’s favorable raring is at a near record low of 41%, with over half of voters seeing her in a negative light.

“ Dogged by continued scrutiny of her email practices as secretary of state, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s favorability with the American public has sunk to one of its lowest levels in Gallup’s 23-year trend. Currently, 41% of U.S. adults say they have a favorable opinion of the Democratic front-runner, while 51% hold an unfavorable view.

Clinton’s deflated favorable rating reflects the challenging political environment she has faced recently. Her use of a private server and email account as secretary of state remains an ongoing controversy and has prompted congressional and FBI investigations.”

Hillary Clinton Favorability Ratings, 1992-2015

Gallup also analyzed Clinton’s downward spiral since first bursting on the American political scene in 1992.

“Clinton’s sub-40% favorable ratings in 1992 were mostly a product of the public’s lack of familiarity with her, rather than any kind of broad unpopularity. By contrast, her current 41% favorable rating is arguably her worst, given her nearly universal name recognition. Her present rating is about as low as it was in March 2001, during her first few months in office as a U.S. senator from New York. Perhaps more importantly, it was also after controversial pardons that her husband, President Bill Clinton, granted at the end of his presidency, and after the Clintons took furnishings and other gifts that were White House property when they left.

More generally, since Clinton emerged as a public figure in 1992, her favorability peaked at 67% in December 1998 after President Clinton was impeached, and waned in the years thereafter — bottoming out at 44% after the Clintons left the White House. Her favorability improved somewhat during her time in the Senate, reaching as high as 58% in 2007, just after she announced her first bid for the presidency.

As secretary of state in Barack Obama’s administration, her favorability rating never fell below 60%. But upon leaving her cabinet post and returning to the political fray, Clinton saw her marks begin a downward slide, hastened by reports about her private email server earlier this year. In particular, her favorable ratings have come full circle among independents and Republicans, ultimately falling this year to the unflattering levels she received during her first presidential campaign.”

Gallup also says that Clinton’s numbers may continue to flounder, possibly causing Democrats to look more seriously at Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, or even bring Vice President Joe Biden into the race.

“As Clinton continues to field inquiries from the media and government into her email use as secretary of state, her favorable rating among national adults has fallen to near-record lows. But she remains generally liked among Democrats themselves, so it is still an open question as to whether media reports of her email situation will have an effect on her ability to obtain the Democratic presidential nomination.

Nonetheless, if Clinton’s national image problem persists, this may cause concern for Democratic voters looking to back a nominee who can win the general election. At the moment, Sanders appears to be alone among Clinton’s current cadre of opposing contestants in showing signs of an increased positive position in Democrats’ minds, and he remains unknown to almost half of Democrats nationwide. This development may seem inviting for other potential candidates, such as Vice President Joe Biden.”

Favorable Ratings of Democratic Presidential Candidates, July-September 2015



      • I think he is referring to the GOP “Establishment” (read RINOs), and I would agree. The people are NOT the Establishment.

        • I hope you’re interpretation is correct. I have no idea why anyone would think “the GOP wants Jeb” when he’s polling around 4% among Republicans polled. As a matter of fact, the leaders are Trump, Ben Carson, Fiorina and Rubio.

          • Although we Republicans seem to be looking for an outsider, I doubt Carson or Fiorina have much of a chance. I look for Trump if he doesn’t implode like Perot. In that case, Rubio, Cruz, or Bush will take over in the polls. It is getting too late for anyone else to jump in. It takes too much money and time to set up a campaign. Of course we could wind up with an open Convention which would be refreshing. These Conventions in which the outcome is already decided are boring. A viable third party seems unlikely this time around. Perot came the closest in a long time and he didn’t get all that many votes. I really hope neither Clinton nor Bush are on the ballots.

          • Yo wild Bill,
            Perot netted over 22 million votes in the election if my feeble mind serves me half way decently

        • Rubio would bring along a lot of the hispanic vote which terrifies the left. He also looks Presidential. I’m sure by then he will have reconsidered his views and evolved, like Obama did.

          • Rubio defeated Crist in Florida by running against amnesty. Once elected, he sponsored the gang of 8 bill. You cannot give dishonest people like this a second chance.

          • Rubio is damaged goods. There is no chance for him to “reinvent” himself after the Gang of Eight episode. I don’t think most will ever forget

      • Rubio yes, (in some spot) but never Trump. EVen though looking at what the recent reveals are , we need a strong hand like Trump at the wheel. Obama’s done nothing to supervise the government and surely we are weak as shit overseas. If only Trump would stop with the insults. Makes him look crazy.

        • You like him but you think the insults make him look crazy. And you don’t like polite ones as much. Did you ever think that finally we have someone who will stand up for and insult these political idiots, the ones who have made a career of insulting us! Or do you think John Stewart, rosie, Colbert, etc etc secretly love conservative Americans, white people, southerners, Christians, and small business owners. Maybe you’re crazy to ask him to stop. I say keep kicking their asses! If someone is a liberal, only insults can snap them out of it. Only by making them feel stupid can we make progress. If someone votes blue, don’t hold back but make them feel like an idiot for it.

      • You call Oboy names for voicing his opinion, while giving your own opinion. I guess that makes you a nutsack too then, right.

          • I disagree, voting for the “lesser of two evils” has gotten us where we are today. Every time people have to “hold their nose” and vote, the country collectively takes one step in the wrong direction. It’s way past time to end this destruction

          • I personally have stated exactly the same sentiments but reality says otherwise. Looking back over the country’s history of candidates we have had to do that many, many times. You try to get the best you can get, among those that are running, and live with it.

          • Principles no longer matter? I understand what you’re saying, I’ve said it to others in the past, but I’m fed up. No mas.

        • Do you really care that much who is the VP candidate on the ticket? Really? If you set your standards too high, you wouldn’t support anyone but yourself running.

          • I think Rubio could have an impact on the top of the ticket. He’ll have Trump’s ear, (or whomever), and could pull them toward amnesty. Coulter is right, immigration is the greatest threat to the country right now.

    • Correction, the establishment GOP wants Jeb. Not going to happen. Neither Jeb nor Hillary should be on the ballot. Enough dynasties, especially failed dynasties.

      • Agreed! Republican (“GOP”) polling shows that the vast majority of those Republicans polled want Trump or Carson or Fiorina, not Jeb!

          • So is Rubio…he joined Juan McCain’s “Gang of 8” in terms of creating that ridiculous “pathway to citizenship” for illegal invaders. Also, Carly lost me when she rebuked Carson for stating that he wouldn’t support a Muslim for President…just as Ted Cruz lost me for the same reason.

          • 2009: the GOP establishment says, “alas, we do not control the executive branch nor either House of Congress…Mr. Obama, please have your way with us. But, vote for us next time.”

            2011: the GOP establishment says, “alas, we only control one House of Congress…nothing we can do…Mr. Obama, please have your way with us. But vote for us next time and we’ll do better.”

            2015: the GOP establishment says, “thanks for voting for us, we now control both Houses of Congress. Problem is, we’ve grown to enjoy Obama having his way with us…so, Mr. Obama, please have your way with us again. But, make sure and vote for us next time…”

            2016: the GOP base says, “nope.”

          • Clinton has violated at least two laws:

            1. 18 USC Sec. 1924, which outlaws the unauthorized removal and storage of classified information. Penalties can include fines and imprisonment for up to one year

            2. 18 USC Sec. 793, this law covers national defense information and people who misuse it to injure the United States or benefit a foreign power. Those convicted of violating this law face fines and up to 10 years in prison.

            None of this is out of the ordinary, Obama and his cult violate law on a daily basis with zero repercussions. Free born U.S. citizens, all 300 million of us, deserve answers and justice. These corrupt freaks are our employees, fire them all!

          • Hillary is a HOAX…..And the “Clinton Body Count” is also a hoax. They get a lot of mileage out of making you think they are soooo scary… Boo…… And that includes the ACTORS Vince Foster and Mary Mahoney (fake names and bio’s) who are both alive and well playing another character in another gig…. NOTHING about these Jokers is real. Google this for your proof…. Wellaware1. …. You are welcome.

          • If indicted, let’s hope that her prosecution will not conclude until Obama is out so he can’t pardon her.

          • It will all go away when she drops out of the race like Obama wants. He seems to hate the bit*h as bad as the rest of us, plus he knows she’s becoming unelectable.

          • agree. Obama’s standard operating procedure is to eliminate primary opponents. He will get Biden in, then the indictments against Hillary will come down. Obama knows there can only be one head of the democrapt crime family, and he wants to be it, not Bill Clinton.

          • And your point is? The Clintons are political elites, immune to the laws that apply to real people.

          • It IS disgusting! Only thing worse, but not much, would be Demo controlled House and Senate, and then not much worse.

          • Their is a common misconception about so called gutless Republicans….gutless is not their problem. The simple truth is that they agree with Obama more than they disagree with him. America needs a conservative political party and the Republican party is not it.

          • Didn’t we have republican majority senate and house under bush for the first few years? We didn’t get what we wanted then either!

          • Well, the once proud democrat party now stands as a solid block of anti-American, anti-workers while supporting outsourcing of Americas wealth to third world nations.

          • Maybe Rubio was a young senator unduly influenced by McCain who needed a Hispanic senator to use as a front man for his immigration scheme. Upon realizing he was being used he distanced himself from those ideas. Carson was a bit unclear about his Muslim ban from the being President. Probably illegal to ban someone from running based on religion. Voters would NOT vote for a Muslim at this point in our nations history. Moot point not worthy of comment.

          • There are really two questions that should be asked about Muslim president.

            1 – Does the Constitution prevent a Muslim from being elected and
            2 – Do you think it’s a good idea to vote for a Muslim for President?

            The first answer is no. The constitution specifically says no religious test can prevent someone from being elected.

            The second answer SHOULD be a resounding no to any thinking person but we don’t have a nation full of that type.

          • Huma commissioned Sarah Ferguson to paint these after she developed a taste for her and her money.

          • I read recently somewhere that HIllary pays Huma Abedin to
            finger and lick her VaJuJu using taxpayer money. Is this right? Is Hillary Clinton really Ghey? That would explain that Wiener husband debacle. Wow.

          • do you remember hillary saying she was of the same spirit as Eleanor Roosevelt ? – well Eleanor had a newspaper woman reporter that spent a lot of nights with her in the whitehouse as her lover


          • Oh God,
            I am going to have nightmares tonight after looking at this.
            Not enough Ambien in the world.

            Good God man, fair warning!
            A two-bagger, for sure. By the time I drank enough to do her, I’d pass out. Hopefully…

          • That’s my definition of terminal ugly. By the time you drink enough to make her look good you’re too drunk to get it up.

          • They should put that picture in every package of Viagra. That way, if you ever get a 4-hour boner, all you have to do is look at the picture, and you’re cured.


          • If you promise to never tell me where she was hiding that poor lizard, I’ll promise to never down vote you again.

          • I really wish you’d stop posting that thing! My weak stomach can’t take that crap!

          • Dude, you need to add a large text size warning before people like me unknowingly scroll down and see this! I have to go lay down and wait until the stomach churning passes…………

          • Good God!! Her cellulite has cellulite! Holy crap, put that picture in the New York subway system and it’d scare out ALL the rats, termites, and maggots!

          • Yes Carly is a stool and one that needs to be flushed. She has only been a politcal hack when she could not keep a job in the real world and about ruined any company she touched when pretending to work there. Yes that is factual just go look it up yourself and she is muslim loving whanker that really needs to quit!.

          • No she’s not! She hasn’t been in politics.
            She’s just so smart hat she scares you.
            I’ve had enough dumb asses in the White House.

          • Yes Carly is a stool and one that needs to be flushed. She has only been a politcal hack when she could not keep a job in the real world and about ruined any company she touched when pretending to work there. Yes that is factual just go look it up yourself and she is muslim loving whanker.

          • just playing devil’s advocate… not claiming a side. I don’t think I want her as my president, BUT HP was about to collapse when she came on… people point to the declining numbers during her tenure, but fail to note the entire chart which includes the years before her employment. She is largely responsible for the fact that the company still exists today. See full page add taken out by the guy responsible for firing her in the NYT. At Lucent, she was director of marketing, which…. A) not much control regarding how the company is run and B) c’mon, we all recognized that little orange circle, even though we had no idea what Lucent did in 1999… so .. well marketed. There are good reasons to not like a candidate, but blindly repeating doctored statistics and talking points isn’t one.

          • Well first you state a little orange circle so it worked well for her as her run at being another politcal hack is right now… Lucent never had an orange anything but thanks for playing.

          • Lost what? Told ya to quit playing because you said orange not knowing the correct color of the old Lucent a hole?

          • … really? The point was that it was a well-marketed, widely known brand at the time… not that it was red, orange, or red-orange, and in attempting to refute that, you are wrong. Unequivocally. You act like I said it was green.

          • No, I act like nothing. You made your point about what you think that’s great it’s your point. Mine I stand by she sucks. Don’t keep letting that hack have air time and distracting from others. She is a backstabbing fake, no good at what shes tried to date and she is not worth a look at a vote. Thats my opinion and my point.



          • Agree, she’s getting a bad rap on that point. I don’t want her in the big chair either (tho I can’t really nail down a specific reason other than I just don’t) but it’s only fair for folks to look at the whole picture in regard to her LU and HP tenures.

          • Arthur-as a suggestion, you should back away from your PC before you hurt yourself. Hope this helps.

          • Again a political hack that spent way too much time in a Socialist school of training again thanks for making my point. Not worth even looking at twice now fire her from the ticket and get on with the real candidates.

          • Way too much stupid in Arthur to slap out. Pretty obvious he supports whatever the DNC throws at him.



          • you took the words out of my mouth. Fiorina is NOT a political “outsider”, she’s “joined at the hip” to the RINO wing of the GOP. She has a fairly lengthy history of supporting RINO policies and candidates

          • read her history and you will dump her like H-P did. they paid big bucks to be rid of her.

          • How is Fiorina a GOP hack? I’m a staunch conservative, and I would be very happy with her.

          • “Obamacrat Alert”! Spoken like a true progressive. “Oh please don’t throw me into that briar patch!”.


          • Fiorina is not standard GOP. You’re just touting the standard GOP’s media rhetoric meant to discredit her. It’s working.

          • Carly opposes mandatory E-verify (like Rubio) and large-scale deportations; she supports amnesty, so no, thanks, to Fiorina.

        • Trump is going down faster than a $25 hooker.

          He’s not a serious candidate. He is simply raising his brand awareness, and it’s working.

          Carson and Fiorina are the only ones that seem to be level headed and are not beholden to the powers that be in Washington or lobbyists.

          It’s time for America to get back to it’s roots of a government for the people and by the people.

      • Jeb’s polling numbers are now at 4%. The whole problem of having one’s support come entirely from the establishment is that there are few establishment voters. It takes more than money to win a nomination, and if there is zero grassroots support (read – people who are happy to work for you for free), it doesn’t matter how much money one has in their coffers. I don’t see how he can bounce back to front runner status with so few people willing to support him.
        Remember, in 1980, Connally raised/spent the most money in the primaries, but only got one delegate. The Jeb analogy applies to this situation.

        • HW was in bad shape in early 1988 but we still ended up with him. Intelligence and foreign policy are the Bush family businesses. If the big boys want Jeb they’ll get him and we won’t be able to stop it.

          • Only half true. If the people vote for “other” during the primaries, then we won’t get Jeb. If he looks to be losing ground, the money will dry up and he will be out of the running. At this stage the money and the experienced staffers are picking winners and losers and lining up.

        • Hey wasn’t it JEB that said he didn’t need conservatives or the grassroots to clinch the nomination!

        • I think his plan was with a big enough war chest he could stay in for the long haul. Most of the candidates will be dropping out over the next six months for lack of money. Trump may implode, but at this point, I hope not. If Trump implodes Bush would be the last man standing with any money to run on. However, if he runs out of funds, he too will have to drop out. So his money people leaving him count more than only being at 4% in the polls right now.

        • Too many voters now know they’ve been played for fools for too long.

          The establishment approach of raising lots of $ from the 1%, hiring the establishment pollsters/campaign consultants/insiders, and getting the media to tell the voters who the “leaders” are and who they should vote for, isn’t working anymore.

      • What’s funny about this is that the left (including Monica’s boyfriend) is trying to pin this on some “vast right wing conspiracy.” Hillary thumbed her nose at Congress for months and produced nothing. It took a criminal investigation by Obama’s FBI and DOJ to get the server. This criminal investigation has uncovered conclusive evidence of crimes against our nation by Hillary. How much does Obama hate Hillary? Will he prosecute her? Time will tell. Regardless, this has nothing to do with the GOP, it’s 100% Obama’s doing.

        • Obozo will pardon if the payoff is right..billions siphoned off and missing from the State Dept during Killary’s tenure and monies from the Clinton Foundation!

          • Just have to make sure she gets prosecuted after the ’16 election! That means no charges until the last vote is counted on election day. Hillary for Prison 2016!! Yay

          • Yes but doesn’t obozo’s corrupt Just Us department control when charges are brought up?

          • After the election assuming Clinton hasn’t stolen it, POTUS could revamp the entire division of the Justice dept.

          • That’s why we want to bring charges after the election when Barry is out. New POTUS has the authority to name a predecessor to the position of US AG in Justice Dept. That will give time to prosecute under a Republican POTUS and hopefully both houses in majority. It gives us more leverage and a deeper investigation that we hope will languish years in the media as well. Remember Killary has the entire media behind her as does all of the far left.

          • Trump is the only one that is saying anything remotely in line with justice for us. I never wold have guessed he’s be our mouthpiece. Incredible how wrong all the GOP nominees are assuming it would be business as usual – say you’re going to do something and then when elected, tell the base your hands are tied. People are sick of it. That’s why non-establishment poll numbers remain high. Bush is tanking at 4%. Write to Trump and tell him ways to shore up this government.

          • Definitely. A president who already will have a specific agenda before taking office and ready to enforce specific goals immediately such as the one you are referring to. IF it were up to me, i’d decimate the entire State Dept of liberals and place them not he unemployment line.

      • I was just thinking this morning I hope Trump has some major security protecting him. There might be two groups wanting to take him out, and I don’t mean on a date.

      • Jeb is polling at 4%, but since he is the establishment candidate, he will not be dropping out anytime soon. He will ride this out till the bitter end.

        • If the deep pocket supporters hang in there, yes. If they start bailing on him, no. Right now he is only hoping to hang around for when Trump implodes. Without a deep war chest that may not happen. On the other hand, if Trump doesn’t implode, he stands little chance of being picked.

    • Until Americans defy political correctness which is suicidal at this point…Until they scream it out that we are done with that crap…..Never let the woman card cover bad behavior of man or woman.

    • I like the visual of Hillary Benghazi Clinton in free fall with US Voters!

      I also like the bumper sticker idea—-Don’t build a Bush—Build A Wall-Trump 2016!

    • Jeb may be a nice guy, and may have been a good governor. But we don’t need another Bush any more than we need another Clinton as president. This is not a banana republic where rule is passed around to wives and siblings of the ruling junta family.

      • The fact that he’s a Bush does not bother me at all. The fact that he is weak and anemic and shows about as much charisma as a constipated old maid is the problem I have with him.

        If he were to somehow find the fire he needs to light up his campaign and get people excited about him as a candidate, then I couldn’t care less that he’s another Bush.

    • Jeb is dead. Showing at 4% in the latest Pew poll. Don’t be surprised to see the establishment fools try dig Romney out again now for another run.

      • Both RNC and DNC are so up their own butts and enamored with how terrible the other is, that they can’t see that the whole country is rejecting both of them.

        You’re right about Romney. That will definitely happen if Trump is still up toward the primaries……. idiots….

          • What scares me is that it seems to be impossible for any edge to cut Trump… The only thing that the others keep latching onto are his snarky response to a guy that called Obama a Muslim/may have said some other things, and that he personally attacks them, neither of which are of consequence.. the insults are a tactic to get them agitated so they’ll make mistakes. That’s negotiating 101, and negotiating is all he knows.

            I promise I’m not a supporter of his… I’m just calling it like I see it, and a Trump presidency scares me more than it seems to scare a lot of people.

          • What is interesting is that the left has relied on media lies in the past to smear Republican candidates and that isn’t working anymore. No one believes them or cares. I find that heartening. I think is following in Gingrich’s footsteps from four years ago. When it comes to the worthless media’s punching, just punch back.

        • Unless you think Trump supporters would rather have Romney that idea would accomplish nothing. Bush is being rejected by the same people who rejected Romney. It is unlikely Romney would be resurrected for any reason other than a deadlocked convention and that is almost impossible with the primaries rigged like they are.

          • hah, that’s why I referred to the people who would think of reviving Romney as a good idea as idiots.

    • The American people want a patriot that will stick up for the US Constitution and respect the will of the people!

    • The longer Killary is in the public’s view, the more they dislike her. That’s what happens with anything rotten; the more you’re around it, the worse it smells.

    • 100% accurate!
      America is NOT North Korea with a familial dynasty. How the Left in America and the extreme right can just choose a candidate based on their last name is infantile, and very dangerous.
      At some point we either choose the person best poised to look out for America’s interests. Otherwise, America will join North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and other Socialist/Communist dictatorships.

    • At this point, I don’t think there are many voters on the right side that want any politician to be the nominee in 2016. Politics is messy, I get that. But this whole circus that has been taking place for the last six to eight years has convinced me that the people no longer have a voice in their government. None! Obama continues to stumble around in the dark when he isn’t on vacation and circumvents congress while violating his oath of office and not enforcing the law. The liberals have a scorched earth manner of doing business and cram massive dysfunctional programs down our throats while cooking the books on supporting data and then have the gall to tell us we have to pass them to be able to know what is in them. And the GOP, my gosh, they have been more interested in their tans than stopping this carnage. They now have endorsed a policy of “it’s just too hard so let’s don’t try”. And now, with Boehner’s departure, we are being told by the GOP that Boehner’s shadow, McCarthy, is the best man to replace him. Boy, that would be a real improvement now wouldn’t it! I have a better idea. Time to go back to a part-time congress with term limits for all. Anyone caught cheating or involved in corruption goes to jail. If you are not gainfully employed you can’t run for office. You can’t campaign on TV, only in person. No one under fifty years old can hold office. Candidates must be armed because the US Secret Service is going away. Abolish the Departments of Energy, Education, and EPA. Let the states provide those things. Let’s go back to standing for something in this world besides, free stuff, dysfunction, and corruption.

    • The American People need a strategy to take out the US Chamber of Commerce. They are funding an assault on all conservatives.

  1. She’s as significant as a fart in the wind. A liar. A career politician. Extremely wealthy – yet, lectures us on evil corporations, big oil, etc. Her arse makes a bigger carbon footprint than Michele Obama’s as she flies coast to coast in Lear Jet luxury. Yet, the Libberhoids continue to gobble her turds like they’re chocolate bars. Married to a lying under oath, impeached, disbarred adulterer. What credentials. Better luck in 2020 Democraps. Trump/Rubio 2016

        • Attorney General or first opening on the Supreme Court. At least he is a real constitutional lawyer and doesn’t just play one.

        • Cruz and Christie are phony and need to be shown the door immediately. And, then ignored after the election, as well.

      • Cruz is a phony and a nut job. He’s also too cozy with that lunatic Glenn Beck. We can do a lot better than him.

          • Bullshit. Beck was wrong about an ebola epidemic happening in January, 2015, wrong about his Boston Marathon conspiracy, wrong about nationwide rioting during the summer of 2012, wrong about hyperinflation, wrong about all the different reasons why WWIII would start for the past 10 years, and wrong about Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood spreading a caliphate.

      • The Ted Cruz that is a member of the same CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)organization as Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney?
        CFR member Ted Cruz can’t be trusted anymore than the rest of the CFR members, they are part of the conspiracy JFK warned us about.
        Keep supporting the people who blackmail our country for personal gain and profit. You will get the same as it’s always been…
        Trump 2016!

        • You’re an idiot. CFR hosts great speakers about topics as diverse as robotics, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, religious trends in China, combating the Ebola outbreak, microbiology, conflict in the Mid East, IMF goals, etc.

          Trump 2016

          • So you are a globalist as well… great speakers! Bwahahahahahaa!
            I do not find Brzezinski, Clinton, Cheney or any of the rest to be great people…
            You are not part of the problem, people like you are the problem.
            I do not follow evil minded individuals who would kill others for their own gains, you do apparently.

          • AI will drive your grandkids cars in the future, so it’s important to understand what policy requirements will keep them the most safe.

            You are a good fake-trump supporter though.

            Trump 2016

    • Yes, but never underestimate the stupidity of the welfare voter. She’s got them fooled. Food stamps and free internet for everyone!

    • How about adding that her wing woman is a jihad/sharia connected Huma-roid. Sharing a little too much of America’s secrets Killary. Benghazi bitch.

  2. I keep telling my leftist counterparts that Hillary is a lying corrupt old hag who cannot be President from prison…they keep telling me how popular she is.

    • Drudge isn’t a news organization – nutsack. Take your mouth off of Obama’s balls and ass for a moment and think.

        • He POSTS whatever is already authored/written, sh!tstain – including an occasional lie from CBS and ABC – which no one watches. At least Drudge give them some airplay.

          • Drudgereport is a news aggregator, c0ckbrain. Do you know what that is, or would you like me to dumb it down for you.

          • First you said he is a poster, which is not really true since he doesnt write anything. He reports what is already written and as an aggregator, he REPORTS biased right wing bullshit. Her numbers are still high and HILLARY WILL WIN!!!!

          • “He” doesn’t do jack sh!t – c0ckbreath. He has a staff. They are news aggregators. Do you need this term dumbed down to enable you to understand/add value to the conversation? Right now, you’re coming across as a public-school educated dolt.

          • You are DELIRIOUS, Jo.

            Only a few people showed up to hear this criminal speak in Florida this afternoon. She draws FLIES! Flies do not vote…but they are drawn to “stink”!

            Your last post makes you sound desperate and scared. We understand why.

            Because you do not seem to grasp reality, I’ll give you the definition of DELIRIOUS.

            delirious |diˈli(ə)rēəs| adjectivein an acutely disturbed state of mind resulting from illness or intoxication and characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence of thought and speech.• in a state of wild excitement or ecstasy: there was a great roar from the delirious crowd.

          • As much as I dislike the poster, he is correct. Drudge is a news aggregator. I haven’t seen an original piece on that site in years. He simply posts links to other sites.

        • Jo, Drudge is a link site. What brought you here? Do you hang out at all th etime or did Drudge send you here? Or maybe another site, like Drudge, sent you here.

          If you had a “JoReport” website, which stories would you link? Would you ignore all the negative Hillary stories, and if so why? Since you own your website, you have authority to censor any news you wish. However, we’d have the same right to call you a hypocrite.

    • Hey numbnutz just so you know Drudge is a news aggregate site. Show me one liberal site that links to every conservative site. Only Drudge because it aggregates news from everywhere.

    • Hillry doesn’t need Drudge to make her look bad She’s done that all by herself. Drudge is only a “display rag” showing us what she’s done. It’s not fabricated or dolled up. She’s done it and that’s that! lol no “right wing conspiracy here”

    • Drudge is just a reporter of what the major news services are posting numb-nuts. Get your head outta your ass.

  3. Only reason she is running is in hopes of staying out of prison. If she can manage to get elected she gains executive privilege and therefore it is highly unlikely she will ever be prosecuted. If she doesn’t get elected she will understand the meaning of the phrase “orange is the new black”.

  4. When she finally falls on her butt, she will claim another brain injury as the reason for deciding not to continuing running for president.

    • If she drops enough, the adults in the Democratic Party, what there are left of them, will sit her down and explain that she will have to drop out for health reasons. Of course, if she actually died, the sympathy vote might get her elected. It;s worked before, for both parties.

    • Medical necessity or other… as long as that rotten sack of excrement does not make it to the polls I am good with it…

  5. Only a 50% negative rate among women for this corrupt traitor shows why there was so much resistance to giving women the vote.

  6. Until I read the poll numbers I did not know what to think! I just want to go with the supreme leaders and change agents! How would we ever survive without them?
    I will do what I can to vote for Hillary and for Jeb, so the Bush and Clinton Royal families can continue to take down whatever Obama leaves of the USA. They have our undying (dying?) admiration. They are rich even if it is our money that made them rich and we must admire the rich even if it kills us and it will.

  7. The emotionality of women is a killer to logical voting. Worst thing that every happened was allowing women to vote (their first vote they elected Harding, ALMOST as corrupt as Obama), they elected BJ Bubba Clinton TWICE, and this idiot twice. Second worse thing was lowering the age of voting to 18!

  8. Here’s what Obama has accomplished today – you know, the guy Hillary supports:

    Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force…
    Participation Rate Lowest Since 1977…
    Record 56,647,000 Women Not Working…
    Jobs Up ONLY For IMMIGRANTS; Down 262,000 For ‘Native-Borns’…
    ‘Payrolls Disaster’…
    ‘Fed never going to raise rates’…
    IT’S UGLY!
    Bank Stocks Tumble…
    Markets at ‘panic levels’…

  9. “Untrustable?” Please. The GOP House members are not really going to elect another one of these inarticulate bumblers as their public face, are they?

      • Let me explain people like Jo.

        They are the Liberals Liberal.

        They would follow Hillary no matter what.

        If Hillary shot a baby in the head on stage, liberals would
        blame the gun.

        If Hillary was caught on film having sex with a 5 year old
        boy, Liberals would accuse the 5 year old of being a “sexual predator”.

        If Hillary was caught red handed robbing a bank, liberals
        would accuse the bank of unfair withdraw procedures.

        Liberals will follow Hillary all the way to prison… Soon I

        I wonder if you will see Jo with a shaved head
        protesting outside the prison like the cult followers did for Manson???

  10. This can only be because of the VRWC! She is “The One, Part Deux”, it’s her legacy, her right, her time….. (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little)

      • Or cell of the month. You know, make it look nice with a little vase of flowers, maybe some cute drawings by her grandkid hanging on the cell bars to spruce up the place a bit.

  11. Trump’s #1 priority – throw Islamics out of this country on their ass, increase defense and kick some ass, make America #1 in the world again.
    Hillary’s #1 priority – figure out 1,327,882 different ways two men can marry, pork each other in the ass while serving openly gay in the military praising Allah and bowing to every third world dictator in the world – while being infested with 5,000,000 Muslims and Sharia law daily.

  12. Buh-Bye Hillary…..
    Let us know how you like the social activities the Womens Federal slammer….

  13. Hillary should embrace going to prison. All of those women… Sending a lesbian like Hillary to prison is like punishing a kid by confining him to a candy store! Put her in a Men’s prison! Now THAT would be hard time!

  14. Lying and being an all-around scumbag has consequences, even to this illiterate electorate. There will still be those lemmings thinking she’s all that and a bowl of cheerios, but they would probably be the first to sign up to abolish the Constitution, too…so long as every fringe prog wetdream of a political issue gets addressed.

  15. Hillary is in trouble mostly because she LIES. But also because she broke the law by having classified emails on an email server in her basement.

  16. McCarthy sould NEVER gloat NOR should he make the public think the R’s conspired to drown Hillary with “we put together”. Sounds like a thoughtless jerk to me. Key to all this is that she’s done it on her own with other things. Look out for sympathy when the guys look like they’re beating up on the girls.

  17. This vile creature needs to crawl back into the hole she came out of. The American people don’t want to be lectured by a criminal and are waiting for Trump to call for the immediate removal and the arrest of this criminal administration, he may not have the power but its starts with public dialogue of that nature. Thats what a real leader running for office would do.

    • Before she crawls back she should loot some more colleges for her accustomed $250,000 speeches. We all know if she can’t take the power she will certainly take the Bucks. If she hopefully loses her war chest will be up in the millions which you know will find its way back to her pockets.

      • That’s no longer legal. Then again, look who we are talking about. Anyone old enough to remember the cattle futures knows the depth of her dishonesty.

        • Do you know how much money is missing from the State Department under her watch? That campaign money would disappear before you could say the magic words- Bill Clinton !

  18. Come on, Hillary, wise up! You don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of receiving the Democratic nomination. It will be stolen from you by either Sanders or Biden; just like Obama stole it from you in 2008.

  19. I wouldn’t give a penny to her presidential campaign but I’d be willing to donate heavily to her prison canteen fund.

  20. She knowingly broke the law and no matter how many times she says it “was permitted” it wasn’t. If it was permitted, she should give the name of the State department Lawyer who granted that permission.

    • Is this like getting monks who have taken a vow of poverty giving you huge checks for your election campaign. Didn’t violate any prevailing legal authority was what Gore said. Is the current equivalent “was permitted”?

  21. Killary the Queen Bee could whip out a knife in the Town Square, sacrifice some poor soul, and yell “Hail Satan!” — and far-left Gruberal trolls (like Jo) will swear it’s just a conspiracy and with fall over themselves to get to the voting booth for Kill-Dawg… Lib-ism: Still a mental disorder.

  22. If you want my opinion of Hillary “Godham” (pronounced “God Damn”) Clinton, she’s a criminal, a scheming and conniving con artist, treasonous and morally, a piece of stinking human dung, freshly extruded from the anus of Hitler. And that’s just some of the moral issues. Then there’s the fact that she’s accomplished nothing because she’s totally incompetent.

    Hillary only got into the White House (the first time) and the Senate because an extremely immoral and unethical media and Democrat party covers for her. Just the fact that she’s not in prison shows that America is in severe moral decline. If she had tried, in the 1950’s, pulling the crap that she’s pulled in our day, they would have thrown her into prison for the rest of her cursed and evil life.

    Now, do you want for me to tell you what I really think?

  23. I have no problem with McCarthy stating the obvious.

    I just think he’s too much of a putz to be Speaker.

  24. Maybe she should lie more. Isn’t that the Progressive way – if something isn’t working you do more of it?

  25. After these years of corruption and incompetence, you would have to be a moron or on the take to want to give the power of the Presidency to Hillary.

    • There once was a poster named funky
      Who liked to type posts when drunkey
      Whiskey, bourbon and beer
      Were the drinks held so dear
      And that’s why the posts are so junky.

  26. “Clintons took furnishings and other gifts that were White House property when they left.” Millennial voters this is a wee tidbit of insight into the Clinton’s that you may not be familiar with. Indeed shortly before the arrival the GW Bush familly, Bill and Hillary (Although historians claim solely Hillary) stole such artifacts as White House china. I suppose it gives credence to her claim they were broke. Regardless what first lady blatantly steals the White House china? Furthermore it was reported that upon the Bush family arrival it was immediately made apparent that the telephones did not work. A peripheral investigation found that the phone lines were severed; cut with scissors. This is your next democrat nominee for President of the United States. Good luck with that…

  27. HRC is a despicable human being. The sooner she retires to being a grandmother, the better off America will be. Everything she has ever touched has turned to shit. Good riddance.

  28. “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession…” Super narcissistic, typical politician…

  29. Obama has kept wages artificially low and transferred wealth from the middle class to billionaires. Hillary has signaled that she will do the same.

    • that’s the funny thing – he has help to create more millionaire and billionaires that any POTUS in the history of the united states – real man of the people

  30. Six trivia questions to see how much history you really
    know. Be honest; it’s kind of fun and revealing. If you don’t know the answer
    make your best guess. Answer all of the questions (no cheating) before looking
    at the answers. And, no, the answers to these questions aren’t all Barack

    1) “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf
    of the common good.”

    A. Karl Marx B. Adolph Hitler C. Joseph Stalin

    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    2) “It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to
    government of the few, by the few, and for the few… and to replace it with
    shared responsibility, for shared prosperity.”

    A. Lenin B. Mussolini C. Idi Amin

    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    3) “(We)…. can’t just let business as usual go on,
    and that means something has to be taken away from some people.”

    A. Nikita Khrushchev B. Joseph Goebbels C. Boris Yeltsin

    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    4) “We have to build a political consensus and that
    requires people to give up a little bit of their own … in order to create
    this common ground.”

    A. Mao Tse Tung B. Hugo Chavez C. Kim Jong II

    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    5) “I certainly think the free-market has failed.”

    A. Karl Marx B. Lenin C. Molotov

    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    6) “I think it’s time to send a clear message to what
    has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are
    being watched.”

    A. Pinochet B. Milosevic C. Saddam Hussein

    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    Scroll down for answers…

    (1) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary
    Clinton 6/29/2004

    (2) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary
    Clinton 5/29/2007

    (3) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary
    Clinton 6/4/2007

    (4) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary
    Clinton 6/4/2007

    (5) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary
    Clinton 6/4/2007

    (6) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary
    Clinton 9/2/2005

  31. She serves one useful purpose. Hilda sucks up huge amounts of oxygen and campaign money that could be going to other, more viable, worthless libs. Worthless bitch should have gone to jail long ago.

  32. The Hildebeast is a thoroughly unlikable biitch and comes across that way whenever she speaks. So….her handlers are keeping her out of the public view as much as possible. There may not be any “debates” at all among the various Demoncat contenders, and if there is, you can be sure the Hildebeast will get questions like “Do you like children?” or maybe “What’s your favorite color?”.

    She is mean, nasty, hateful, dishonest, lying, scheming beastly woman and God help us if she somehow gets elected.

    • See the story where she used to curse secret service agents who had the decency to wish her “good morning”? This is one mean, nasty woman.

  33. Hillary has it bad, she has Obama wanting Biden to win, and she has no Obama supporters, Valerie Gerald will see that Hillary does not get the nomination. and then Hillary will let you know what Obama has in his closet, should be fun.

  34. Nobody in public life is more corrupt than the lying Clinton’s. I am taking October 22nd off just to watch the Benghazi committee crucify her for all the lies she has told and cover-ups she has coordinated. Odds are that Gowdy has a list of questions that will elicit a 5th amendment plea. The Clinton criminal enterprise is about to come to a screeching halt and they know it!

  35. Look, first let’s face a fact here. EVERYTHING in Washington is politicized be it serious or frivolous. Anyone who says otherwise is deceiving themselves, or trying to deceive others.

    It has become a common catchall phrase that is used as a last resort in an attempt to stifle, or minimize the “other side”. But the sad truth is that it has become fact.

    • With the IRS weighing in on conservative organizations and fraud in big cities, you gotta wonder if Obama won second time.

      • What are you talking about? Of course it was all fair and square, Black Panthers said it was.

      • well knowing that Hillary is a cheat and a thief she most likely would steal most of the chocolate chips then shred the package to get rid of the evidence:)

  36. like Stalin said, It’s not the vote that counts, it’s who counts the vote. and we have enough crooks in DC to do it

  37. It’s time for her to REJUVENATE. To RE-ENERGIZE. To TAKE THE OFFENSIVE. To BREATHE NEW LIFE into her campaign…… and so on and so forth.

  38. Monica said she hopes Hillary doesn’t win the Presidency. The last Clinton Presidency left a bad taste in her mouth

  39. My vote goes to whomever I believe will stop immigration of any kind for at least 10 years, 20-30 would be better, AND send the illegal Latinos and Middle Easterners back from where they came.

        • Because he was a leader who respected US law. There are very few today. And also, the Democrats want immigrants, especially illegals, to fill the voting booths with votes for them.

    • DRUDGE
      Illegal’s account for 30% of murder’s in many states.
      DRUDGE Jobs shock, 100% of female employment gains taken by foreigners since 2007
      There are over 200 “sanctuary cities” in 32 states that give safe harbor to illegal immigrants, even violent ones with felony records like the man accused of killing that San Francisco woman

      In 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower launched Operation Wet—-, a initiative to remove thousands of undocumented workers–mostly Mexican nationals. In what has been described as a “quasi-military operation”, border patrol agents, along with state and local law enforcement methodically targeted and deported many Mexicans.In the end, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) claimed as many as 1,300,000 were deported, It is estimated that 4,800 people were apprehended on the first day of the military operation,
      So when they tell you, you can’t deport all these illegals DON’T BELIEVE IT

  40. You elected an idiot leader who had never done anything useful in his life, you pretended he was wonderful because he was black, you though that by apologizing to everone the US would suddenly be loved, and what have you got? A country that the whole world is laughing at. An impotent incompetent giant let by a dark doofus,
    Keep voting for useless people, it’s the American way, a country that is destroying itself through bad choices.

  41. Jeb and Billary should both be dropped from being considered. Neither are worth the air they keep using up. It is blatantly obvious that America is moving in a direction away from party HACKS!

      • I don’t care who comes out of the closet for the demoncraps so long as America wakes up and elects a freaking leader instead of the panty-wastes in office today. I can only pray America has had enough of the establishment on both sides and votes for someone that cares about this country not how they can cut the country up even further for themselves!

  42. Trump/Cruz 2016.

    Jeb and Rubio can go back to Florida and retire.
    Both are RINOs.

    I will NEVER vote Rubio. Never.

    He joined the Gang of Eight to push immigration amnesty on America.
    That failed miserably, thank God.

  43. I’m interested in knowing how Hillary can recover these negatives. She is as well known as an incumbent. The thing an inbumbent can always do to turn around their negatives is point to their record of accomplishment. But what record does Hillary have to point to? I can’t name a single accomplishment she has done – and surprisingly, neither can many of her supporters.

  44. We’ve had 16 years of equal-opportunity failure by both major parties.. I hear BigTop Circus music in my head whenever I hear a presidential candidate speaking. That’s why Bernie and Trump are dominating – politics is a joke, a facade, an illusion of freedom. Might as well get in on that joke.

  45. I’ll be happy when Jeb polls at zero percent and would be even happier if Hillary’s numbers fall into the basement. But, I doubt that will happen.

    What I find amusing, not funny, but amusing is that the dems have been saying the GOP is the party of old white men. Let’s take a look at the current and potential dem candidates to see if they have any “new blood” in their ranks.

    Hillary, worn out, old, white woman. Bernie, old worn out white man. Biden, even older and more worn out white man, not to mention plagiarist. Who knows, plagiarist might be a resume enhancement since politicians are quick to take credit for the efforts of others, and blame others when their actions go awry. And Al Gore who has not ruled out joining the fray, a fraudulent, worn out, obese, white man.

    It appears the dems candidates are from the pre Obama era.

    Do you see any “new blood” in that motley crew?

    • It really is fun. I heard on Rush a little while ago that Hillary was speaking at Broward College in Florida and only a few people showed up. Doesn’t that just make your little heart burst with joy?

      • Did she still receive her customary $250,000 college looting fee? You can imagine how much money they would have to pay her ( if elected ) to get a decent educational bill passed in Washington.

  46. Many people said “No more Clintons, No more Bushes”. Guess the political elitists didn’t believe we were serious.

  47. I do not see that she has any appeal with hispanics nor negros.

    I do not see that she has any appeal to the young vote. (The young do not know Bill Clinton, nor care.)

    Her demonstrated lack of integrity (honesty) is a major negative with females.

    She is left with the partisan segment of the aging baby boomers (including media), and David Brock (Media Muddles). This segment is selectively uninformed (willfully ignorant), and not capable of objective thought.

    If the DNC runs with her, they will have laid the groundwork for a major defection.

    Benghazi is not a significant factor. It is just one of many events.

  48. “Ronald Reagan’s signature on the 1986 amnesty act brought about Barack Obama’s election,” Rep Steve King said in the May 23, 2013, speech.
    King’s point was that a side effect of the 1986 law was to boost the numbers of Hispanic voters — so many Hispanics were made legal by the law, he argues, that the number exceeded Obama’s margin of victory.

  49. No one can stop Hillary. Hillary will be the next President because she cares about the common people. The only people not voting for Hillary will be sexist men.

  50. The problem with Bush v Clinton 2 is that neither of the subsequent versions have any of their own political talent. Hillary is awkward and stiff and Jeb is entitled and dull.

  51. Some people still support the criminal that is Hillary Clinton. Her misdeeds and crimes were intentional.

  52. Years of corruption, criminality, greed, lies, arrogance, and an obnoxiously unappealing personality are finally catching up to this most deserving woman.

  53. I was hoping that a stroke would save America from Hillary.
    Now I’m thinking Hillary will have a stroke because America has been saved from Hillary.

  54. I must be a bonafide geeneeus. I knew she was trash from day one, but I see half the nation is only now getting it. My superior intellect is so unappreciated.

  55. That picture of Hillary with no wrinkles. Think it might have been Photoshoped? Why not, everything else liberals tell us is a lie too.

  56. Look for the GOP to start an endorsement for Rubio anyone but Cruz or Trump they will say – what say you?

    Anyone below 5% needs to take long walk think about it and and back up someone else..

  57. So she’s spent about 26 million dollars to drop 20 points in the polls. That’s more than a million dollars per point! LOL And I thought it was necessary to take away the checkbook from my husband. Good going granny.

    • That’s makes her qualified to be Postmaster General! Lose money on every letter, but make it up on volume.

  58. What I have trouble understanding is that there are any Hillary supporters left at all! Anyone with just a passing familiarity with American politics should be able to immediately identify her as a corrupt piece of trash.

  59. Hillary is a pig and for even Dems that still support her your either F’ed in the head or prideful arrogant Aholes

  60. W H A T D I F F E R E N C E D O E S I T M A K E ?

    These radical Saul Alinsky-ites have no conscience or soul. They feel they
    are more important than anything else in this universe. And the GOP
    leadership? Well they are no better, they all want in the spotlight and
    then control so those progressive feds can keep all of us under their

    What ever happened to our real Liberty, Freedom ,Equality
    and Justice? Oh, I forgot they became “Forever Stamps” sold by the Post
    Office that are used once and then gone forever . . . Wake up America
    time is running out.

  61. With all the great people in this country how did we end up with a bunch of scum bags and losers to choose from.

  62. Now, soon she will “get dizzy” at a campaign event and have to “suspend” her campaign for medical reasons, but, but, but, she won’t want to stop campaigning until a suitable candidate can replace her.

    Dems will then beg, BEG, Joe Biden to get into the race to save Hillary!!

  63. Donald Trump is the heavy-weight in the field. None of the others have the presence, personal magnetism, or savvy, to actually win…not to mention the money. The global economy is expected to go through upheavals and serious reversals, and Trump is again the best qualified to understand the dynamics of the market and global economy. He has a sound tax plan, which is very good for nearly all Americans, and good for businesses of all sizes. He is strong on border control. I really can’t support anyone else. I like Carson a lot, but I don’t think he can generate any more excitement than Romney…and there has to be excitement to get people to come out and vote. Trump is polling 25% amongst black Americans…which is unheard of for a Republican, and could win him states that been falling into the democrat’s column for decades. Whoever the nominee is…he has to win for it to count.

  64. Who cares about Hillary’s poll numbers? Odumbo’s DOJ is not going to indict her for anything, she will most likely get a presidential pardon even if it appears she will be charged, she will STILL get the nomination, and we will end up electing the first FELON to be president (well, except for the one currently serving at 1600 Penn Ave), or at least we will be told it was a fair and balanced election.. Dead people will still vote for her…illegals will still vote for her; other felons will vote for her.
    May as well pack up and look toward 2024.
    Enough is enough America. This is our country, and people like the treasonous Hussein Obonzo, the future felon Queen Billary have no place in deciding the future of our country. They have made it their goal to change America into a third world melted pot where criminals and vermin make the rules, and the lame stream media are absolutely, positively complicit in this as they have run interference for these actions.
    It’s time we throw these criminals where they belong, behind bars, and make sure they and their minions never again have the means to ruin this nation.

      • I wish it were so, but I really believe unless DOJ files charges, she will end up as the nominee. Biden might change that by getting into the race, but I think that will get spun as giving Obonzo his 3rd term

        • She had a fundraiser in Florida today and no one showed up. The overflow parking lot was empty. They are lying to you about how popular she is and people believe it.

  65. How could anybody with half a brain have supported her even last year when her numbers were high. More low information voters.

    • There are people out there who would pull the D lever if John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer were the candidates.

  66. Bush and Clinton polling terribly? Couldn’t have happened to a better couple. After Jeb and Hilary bow out, the nation needs to make sure we put a lid on the Clintons’ and Bushs’ political aspirations for good (aka George P. and Chelsea). Time for those dynasties to actually go to work to earn a living.

  67. Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force-The guy you people put in the last 7 years has done SH&^.He is the worst POTUS in my life time.

    • See those fault lines
      Laid out like land mines
      It’s hard to relax
      A promise broken
      The ground breaks open
      Love falls through the cracks

      And I’ve got a few of my own
      I’ve got a few of my own fault lines
      Running under my life
      Running under my life

  68. How could Hillary be unbeatable.?
    The last time she ran, a nobody community organizer from Chicago beat her.
    She’s the Democrat party’s worst nightmare, and they deserve it!

  69. Conservatives and Republicans had better not become too happy. If Biden runs with Warren as his veep, that duo will outdistance by a country mile anything the Republicans can offer. Republicans’ only hope is for Hillary to win the Democrat nomination. She truly, for them, will be a target of opportunity. They will never, OTOH, defeat Biden. NEVER!!

  70. In word and in deed, Hillary doesn’t want to run for president. She wants to be coronated. The look of disdain on her face when she has to interact with the commoners or act like she’s answering a question tells it all. All hail, Hillary!

  71. i can’t believe we’re even still talking about bill clinton’s girlfriend’s nemesis.

    hasn’t this old, brain-damaged drunkard had her day? time for the pasture.

  72. I think the American people are fed up to the eyeballs with the clueless morons that make up the political class. You know them well. They ignore the American people, but are bending over backwards and forwards for illegal aliens, Syrians, and anyone else that claims they are a refugee, from the stinking holes they call their countries. Funny thing is, they leave the stinking hole, come to America, and then all they talk about is the stinking hole and how great it is and America should be more like it. Oh, and while we’re at it. we should empty our wallets for them, learn their culture, and learn their language. In other words F America.

  73. I told you so….right after the Benghazi debacle came to light, Hillary was from then on, “un-electable”.

  74. The only thing I can think of that would be WORSE than Hillary as president would be more of Barack Obama!!

  75. Wow! I guess Tea Leoni playing Hillary and being sworn in by none other than Morgan Freeman on the Madam Secretary show (aka Hillary) isn’t going to sway anyone.

  76. Maybe if she paired up with the Fox News choice, Jeb, they can make a run for it? Teeheeheeeeeehhh! its so funny watching the media’s two front runners not be the people’s choices.

  77. so when is the ray mercer shooting going to be called a hate crime? mercer was black killed a bunch of white people.

  78. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving criminal. Canks is not human…she is missing something. She is a sociopathic meta-socialist.

  79. the problem won’t be Hillary, or Bernie, or gore, or any other dem. the problem will be low voter turnout. democrats just aren’t as enthusiastic as before….no one to vote for, no one to rally around. “Retreads”, “old” and “socialist” / “communist” aren’t very exciting.

  80. Liberals desperately searching for an alternative to the Wicked Witch of the Democrat party.

  81. I would NEVER vote for anyone as dishonest as Hillary Clinton is, regardless of gender, viewpoint, or political party affiliation.

  82. Why is she so low in the polls? Could it be because she is a congenital LIAR!!!! Even everyday Democrats can now see thru her and all her BS. If there is any justice left in this country she will be arrested soon.

  83. “Her use of a private server and email account as secretary of state remains an ongoing controversy and has prompted congressional and FBI investigations.”

    What prompted Hillary’s FBI investigations is Obama’s narcissism.

    • Yeah. I knew this was going to happen.

      The more she opens her mouth, the lower her poll numbers go.

      Of course, the fact that she’s a lying, two-faced, phony traitor, who let the Russians and the Chinese hack her Secret Server, doesn’t help, either…

  84. Joos did 9-11. They are behind everything that is inherently evil in this world. Always have been. Their gentile collaborators in the US Congress, ie:John McCain, et al, have sold their souls in aiding and abetting them. The dynamic of the Middle East is all by design, solely for Israeli expansion. The hordes of Moslems being heaped on the Europeans…you guessed it, all funded by wealthy Joos and their collaborators, ie: Angela Merkel. Now be a good Goy and keep eating your generous portions of lies and propaganda… Just like the Mestizo hordes that make Amerikka so wonderfully “diverse”. Fools.

  85. Yahoo news ran 3 articles today, by the Huff post. pro-Sanders and slightly warm Hillary. the tea leaves are changing

    • The guy doesn’t even have the job yet, and he’s already stuck his foot in his mouth.

      Definitely leadership material in the GOPe…

  86. McCarthy said nothing wrong, but he kowtowed to the media and the Dems and walked it back.

    We need GOP leaders who stick to their guns.

    Dump McCarthy – he’s a disaster waiting to happen – the next Boehnhead in the making.

    • To my knowledge there was a motion to vacate the chair which Boehner did not want to face, so he announced his resignation. They should have vacated the chair right then- before funding PP and giving Ocommunist everything else he wants. Boehner is still there doing his damage.

      We’re being abused every day by these corrupt tyrants.

  87. How can H. Rodham Benghazi ever get a more than 1 or 2 % favorable rating?

    Obviously, this country is full of morons. We have a community organizer who has no known origin yet hold the office of the presidency and is using it to push tyranny while aiding and abetting terrorists and he’s still popular with half the people.

  88. There is nothing nasty or insulting you can say about Hillary Clinton that is not true. There is nothing bad that can happen to her that is not richly deserved.

  89. Hillary Clinton was never even in this race. She couldn’t beat an unknown community organizer from Chicago….in 2008. Since then….what besides getting all our people killed in Benghazi…….has she actually done??? Everyone knows the carp going on in Iraq and Syria is the result of America’s lack of a cohesive foreign policy when she was Secretary of State. Don’t get me wrong…..the woman has her fans….but none of them are smart enough to fill out a voter registration card.

  90. End this zombie campaign now. Hillary’s time was 8 years ago when she lost to an unknown, junior senator from Illinois. I voted for her then but not now. She should retire as gracefully as possible.

  91. I enjoy watching her and her supporters going down in flames, hope she struggles awhile longer.

    In the end, it won’t matter who the dems put up. Trump is going to win in a landslide and they all know it… assuming they don’t kill him first. Hope he had the common sense to hire the best mercs and ex-SFs that money can buy for security.

    Trump 2016!

  92. She may be a corrupt, doddering old crone in a double wide pants suit but when she raises her voice she does have those sweet sounding feminine vocals. “I’m melllltttting!” “and your little dog too.”

  93. Things I trust more than Hillary !

    Mexican tap water

    A rattlesnake with a “pet me” sign

    OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection

    An elevator ride with Ray Rice

    Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby

    Michael Jackson’s Doctor

    An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran

    Gas station Sushi

    A Jimmy Carter economic plan

    Brian Williams news reports

    Loch Ness monster sightings

    Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton

    Playing Russian Roulette with a semi-auto pistol

    Emails from Nigerian princes

    The Heimlich Maneuver from Barney Frank

    A condom made in China

    A prostate exam from Captain Hook

    And finally….

    Bill Clinton at a Girl Scout convention.

  94. Both Jeb and Hillary should drop out of this race. NO one over 55 should even be considered for the Presidency in this cycle. Old ideas, old ways of doing government are ineffective and prone to corruption. Entire Democrat group is very old hat. Republicans at least have new ideas and young candidates. Obama was young but a basic ideologue with little flexibility. Rubio, Christy, Cruz and Paul are all worthy of consideration. Maybe they are not everything to everyone and certainly NOT favored by liberals, but as the campaign plays out someone will emerge as a leader who can reform the corruption and incompetence that has built up over the last 16 years.

    • I guess that leaves out: D. Trump, B. Carson, J. Kasich, H. Clinton, J Web, J. Biden, B Sanders anyone else?

  95. All anyone needs to know about the Hildabeast….She attacked the women that Bill attacked. She was the head of Bimbo eruptions. She, like Obama, is a corrupt, liberal media creation.

  96. The HILDEBEAST not looking so good. And they thought that the Presidency was OWED to them. Like some KING or something.

  97. So the GOP gave the Shrill a treatment which Dirty Harry Reid, the exercise machine prize fighter, would admire. Sauce for the goose…..

  98. Two years ago the lefties on these sites where crowing about Madam President. We don’t read that anymore. The lefty entertainment industry even fashioned a show geared towards women for her, Madam Secretary.

  99. Things Voters trust more…
    than Hillary Clinton:
    * Mexican tap water
    * Ferry ride with Ted Kennedy
    * OJ Simpson showing them his knife collection
    * A Jeffery Dahmer dinner invitation
    * An elevator ride with Ray Rice
    * Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby
    * Michael Jackson’s Doctor
    * An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran
    * A Palestinian on a motorcycle
    * Gas station Sushi
    * A Jimmy Carter economic plan
    * Brian Williams news reports
    * Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
    * A business proposition from the Nigerian Minister of Finance

  100. I see Valerie Jarrett has really done a job on Hillary with the drip , drip , news on her record and E-mails

  101. The left had big plans for 8 years of Hillary. They could then completely control the courts and turn the country into a third world hell hole. The ultra rich crony capitalist would live out their lives in luxury, in gated communities, with armed guards. There sheep would have to live in the sh!t whole left behind. They can still dream with Bernie.

  102. Does not matter what Hillary’s poll numbers are. If she wins nomination she will get the same number of votes a yellow dog would get given what she will protect for the Welfare class that make up the Democrat Party. Be it an honest liar or dishonest liar like Hillary they will get the votes on election day given what is at stake for that ideology. Those same voters voted Obama in twice knowing what they knew and he having zero accomplishments in life. The figurehead at the top of the pyramid isn’t nearly as important as what they will protect in such a position. A yellow dog would deliver about the same.