Immigration Protesters Heckle Jeb: “No Hope without Our Vote!”

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Jeb Bush spoke to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Houston on Monday — or at least he tried to.

According to CBS News, the Texas Organizing Project organized the protests in an attempt to disrupt Bush’s speech with chants of “no hope without our vote!”

As the story explains:

The group’s communications director, Mary Moreno, told the AP that protesters wanted to call attention to “the hostile atmosphere being created by the GOP field of presidential candidates,” and she said the Republican candidates wanted to “militarize the border” when there are already thousands of border patrol agents on the southern border.

Ironically, Bush was trying to communicate the following over the voices of the protesters:

“I believe that Dream Act kids should have a path to citizenship…I’ve been consistently for it and I’ll continue to be consistently for it irrespective of what the political ramifications of that are.”

However, as the story noted, “like most of the Republican presidential field, [Bush] does favor securing the border before taking action on the millions of undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S.”

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