Tsipras Makes Comeback in Greece

Ronald Zak/AP Photo via ABC News

After arguably the most challenging year for the nation in decades following the near-default event this summer, Alexis Tsipras resigned from his post as Prime Minister under pressure from the government.

That resignation followed a tortuous path in which the Greek government was forced accept drastic austerity measures as a condition for further bailout loans from the EU to forestall what was almost certain to be an economic collapse that would ripple into the rest of the Eurozone.

Through is resignation supporters of the left-wing Syriza demonstrated that Greeks wanted no part of austerity and would exact retribution on any political leader who compromised on that principle.

But in last night’s election, Greek voters backed Tsipras and Syriza pushing them to a 35% plurality of the vote ahead of the conservative New Democracy party.

The election results put Greece in a difficult position in that voters clearly want the anti-EU policy of Syriza to continue, but that sentiment stands in stark contrast to the reality that the Greek government cannot continue to operate without support from the Eurozone.

Rising back to power as Prime Minister, Tsipras will likely take a hardline against further sanctions from the European leaders, which may soon bring the Greek economic crisis full circle.