Fiorina Catapults to Top Tier

Two successive post-debate polls have been released this week which converge on the point that Carly Fiorina’s stellar performance in last week’s second GOP debate has pushed her to the top tier of the GOP race.

According to the latest NBC national poll, while Donald Trump continue to lead the field at 29%, Fiorina has jumped to third place behind Ben Carson at 11%.

However, CNN’s latest poll on the impact of its own debate in Simi Valley shows an even more dramatic shift with Fiorina pulling into second place with 15%.

What’s more, Marco Rubio pushed ahead in the same poll to a solid fourth place at 11% after a similarly strong debate performance.

Jeb Bush, who in April commanded the same lead as Trump now enjoys, has fallen to fifth place at 9% and Scott Walker to an astounding 0% support nationally.

With four more debates scheduled before the first vote is cast in the Iowa Caucuses, continued movement in the GOP lineup is almost certain.