White House denies no-fly-zone plea from Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy Congress Address

Following Ukrainian President’s address to congress requesting a no-fly-zone to be imposed over the country, White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, swiftly denied the idea.

“…how President Biden makes decisions is through the prism of our own national security and as we have said before, a no-fly zone would require implementation, it would require us potentially shooting down Russian planes, NATO shooting down Russian planes, and we are not interested in getting into World War 3,” said Psaki.

The suggestion of a humanitarian no-fly-zone was also denied for reasons that “there’s not a difference in terms of the implementation and the escalatory impact.”

There is currently an open letter calling on Biden to implement a no-fly-zone that has been signed by military and intelligence officials which states, “NATO leaders should convey to Russian officials that they do not seek direct confrontation with Russian forces, but they must also make clear that they will not countenance Russian attacks on civilian areas.”

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