CNN Debate Lineup Announced: Carly’s Officially In

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Last night, CNN announced the official lineup to next Wednesday’s Republican debate and Carly Fiorina officially will participate.

CNN modified the qualifications for participants after a public outcry over the original eligibility requirements threatened to keep Fiorina off the stage, despite her top-notch performance in Fox News’ pre-debate forum and subsequent spike in poll numbers.

The stage will feature the 10 candidates who participated in Fox News’ prime-time debate in August, along with Fiorina, bringing the total to 11. The other 5 candidates will have a chance to participate in a pre-debate forum once again, which will air at 6pm the evening of the debate.

The official 11 candidates for CNN’s prime-time debate are as follows:

1) Donald Trump

2) Jeb Bush

3) Scott Walker

4) Ben Carson

5) Ted Cruz

6) Marco Rubio

7) Mike Huckabee

8) Rand Paul

9) John Kasich

10) Chris Christie

11) Carly Fiorina