Second Undercover Video from O’Keefe Shows Hillary Staffers Breaking Law

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

A week after the release of an undercover video showing Clinton campaign staffers instructing foreign donors on how to make illegal donations, James O’Keefe has upped the ante with a second video.

This week’s new undercover sting shows Hillary’s legal staff in Nevada not only admitting to violating federal voter registration laws but joking about doing “whatever you can get away with”.

While the violation — soliciting support for a particular candidate in the course of voter registration efforts — is a small infraction, the impact on Hillary’s campaign threatens to pile on the already beleaguered campaign.

In a recent poll, Hillary’s trustworthiness was shown to be merely in the mid-sixties compared to that of Bernie Sanders 87% and Joe Biden at 91%.

O’Keefe has promised many more videos to come as the election season continues to heat up ahead of the first Democrat presidential debate next month.

The videos will likely add more controversy to the already peaked visibility of the email server scandal that has refused to fall from the weekly headlines.