Hillary Turns on Obama

John Locher/AP

Despite her 11th hour mea culpa this week, Hillary Clinton’s public support continues to tank in successive polls and critics continue to pile on as the investigation into the home-brew email server presses on.

Speculation since the outset of the scandal has centered on a theory that the whole ordeal was and continues to be orchestrated from the White House in a plan to ensure Hillary does not win the Democrat nomination.

If true, the theory might explain why Hillary appears to have abandoned any defense of Barack Obama in the quest to regain control of her narrative ahead of the next month’s first Democrat debate.

First, she presented a plan to enforce the new Iran deal that departs from the Obama policy in that is assumes Iran will remain a bad actor, using the term “distrust but verify” to describe it.

Then, during the mea culpa interview with ABC’s David Muir, Hillary described how her mother’s struggles inspired her to run for president.

She followed the comment with a veiled swipe at Obama when she explained that people like her mother need someone in the White House “who cares about them again.”

Rather than urge that the American people need a president who will continue the fight for the little guy, the clear implication of the statement is that they do not currently have such a person in the White House.