Carson Opens Fire on Trump

In the weeks following the first Republican presidential debate, both Donald Trump and Ben Carson emerged as the clear frontrunners in the national polls and in many of the early state primary polls.

One of those polls argued that Trump and Carson may be tied in Iowa for the lead, and that reality has put pressure on the two distinctly different candidates to distance themselves from one another.

That event came this week when Ben Carson took occasion to air differences in policy ahead of next week’s Simi Valley debate.

Carson took issue with Trump’s hardline stance on deporting illegal immigrants by questioning the costs associated with the idea then boldly challenging, “Where you gonna send them?”

Trump had previously suggested that his fellow frontrunner had no job-creating experience, a charge Carson responded to in an interview with Megyn Kelly by pointing out that he has served on numerous corporate boards.

The dust up between the two candidates is the first serious threat to Trump’s months-long lead among the field of 17 candidates as voters have shown overwhelmingly that they prefer non-politicians for the GOP nomination.