Obama Still Shy 3 Votes for Iran Deal

President Obama’s signature nuclear deal with Iran appears still to be on the ropes after the DNC meetings in Minneapolis this weekend which yielded no fruit.

According to some insiders, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz personally killed a resolution at the confab to support the deal which might offered the final momentum for the president.

In the weeks since the UN’s vote to support the agreement, Obama has campaigned for support among Democrat senators in hopes of garnering enough votes to prevent an override of his veto on the Republican resolution to kill the deal.

But as of this week’s Democrat meetings, the president still lacks three votes of the 41 he needs to ensure that his veto will stand.

The deadline for passing of the Republican resolution is September 17th, with only two Democrats publicly declaring opposition to Obama’s package so far.

Republicans, however, need only six Democrat votes to override the president’s veto, and early indications are that they may already have five.