GOP Polls Stabilize Ahead of Second Debate

Quinnipiac University’s first major poll after the GOP debate was released on Thursday corroborating the massive surge by Donald Trump which became evident in at least two previous polls.

At 28%, Trump leads second place Carson’s 12 points by more than double, and that lead is more than the support of Carson, Bush and Rubio combined.

Both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio appear to have regained footing in the national standing while Walker’s fall to the middle of the pack has been confirmed.

The challenge, however, is that these strong positions for Bush and Rubio do not translate to early primary states where they have fallen much farther behind.

With three weeks out from the second debate in Simi Valley, Rand Paul and Chris Christie continue to battle for the last place chair on the stage, each with roughly 3%.

Among the big stories is Ted Cruz whose surge to the top tier followed a bottom of the list position for weeks on end prior to his strong showing in the first debate.