Jeb Fires Back at Trump over Border Wall

A day after Donald Trump declared to his campaign press corps that he will build a massive wall along the US border with Mexico, Jeb Bush fired back during a Florida rally.

Explaining that he had recently visited with community leaders along the border, Jeb revealed that a wall is not wanted and would not be a practical solution to the problem of illegal immigration.

Citing problems like cutting off American access to the Rio Grande river that separates the two countries, Jeb offered as an alternative the use of drones and local law enforcement as a sufficient means to stem the tide of illegal incursions.

Regardless of the merits of his position, Jeb’s chief challenge in the campaign is the overwhelming support Trump’s rhetoric has gained in that it appears to have hit a vein of overwhelming frustration among the American populace.

Where the two agree is in ending the so-called sanctuary city phenomenon in which illegal immigrants have been given refuge in cities across the country that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws resulting most recently in heinous criminal activity.