Biden Considering A Single Term

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Steam continued to build over the weekend on the rumors of a potential Joe Biden bid for the White House as more details were leaked concerning his efforts to gauge support.

According to insider details, if Biden ultimately jumps into the race, he could likely run with a promise of only one term in the White House due to his age.

Biden will turn 73 a month after the first Democrat debate, which would make him the oldest elected president should he prevail in next year’s election.

Campaign operatives have reportedly already begun to put pieces in motion both for a grassroots operation and for fundraising efforts in the early primary states.

However, some have speculated that Biden may skip New Hampshire altogether given the high level of support already garnered by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Sources point to Biden’s deep roots in South Carolina and his support among the Democrat party faithful as a likely beach head among the nascent campaign rumors.