Hillary Doubles Down on Email Claim

As the discrepancies in ongoing email server scandal continue to mount in Hillary Clinton’s defense, the federal judge who originally forced the release of the emails ordered Hillary to certify that she turned over everything.

Under the threat of perjury, Hillary certified in writing that all work-related emails residing on her home-based server were turned over to the State Department.

I’m skeptical.

Additionally, Judge Emmett Sullivan ordered Hillary staffers Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin to certify that they, too, turned over all work-relate emails exchanged with Hillary.

That is an interesting twist in the story considering Mills reportedly was planning to destroy those very emails. From Politico:

Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha raised alarm in a court filing late Friday that Wilkinson’s letter said Mills planned to destory electronic copies of her work-related records on Monday. However, Wilkinson said Mills’s lawyers planned to maintain a copy of the data if State would permit it.

“Following our production on August 10, 2015, we have instructed [Mills] to delete any and all electronic copies in her possession,” Wilkinson wrote.

Should evidence surface of any emails between she and other government officials that are not included among the State Department’s depository, Hillary could face perjury charges in addition to the ongoing criminal probe by the FBI.