Fiorina Gains Big from First Debate

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Perhaps the biggest winner of the two Thursday GOP debates was not one of the candidates who made the top ten cut for the prime time event.

Instead, if NBC’s online poll is to be believed, nearly a quarter of respondents argue Carly Fiorina was the best of the night despite that the viewership of the so-called “happy hour” debate was a fraction of that for the later debate.

According to the poll, Fiorina and Sen. Ted Cruz had the biggest positive net gains in support after their performances in the respective debates.

While Donald Trump enjoyed 18% of respondents who indicated he won, at least 29% indicated he did the worst.

According to National Review‘s Joel Gerhke. the Fiorina campaign reported a bump in fundraising numbers over the weekend in response to her having overshadowed the other six candidate on the Fox News stage.

All eyes are on subsequent polls which will likely be released later this week as to whether they may push Fiorina into the top ten ahead of the next GOP debate.