Obama Accuses Iran-Deal Critics of War-mongering

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

With the threat still lingering of a coup from Senate Democrats against his signature deal with Iran, President Obama fired back at opponents on Wednesday.

Charging critics as war-mongers, Obama suggested that the same coalition that pressed for an invasion of Iraq is now opposing the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The president continued in predicting that opposition from Congress would both hinder U.S. international clout and threaten the nation’s economy.

Opponents, however, argued that the president’s defense of the deal is spurious given that even his own Sec. of State, John Kerry, has admitted that he has not yet seen all of the so-called “side agreements” that make up the whole of the nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, indications in the U.S. Senate continue to point to opposition from the president’s party which may force him to veto in the face of overwhelming public sentiment against the deal.